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Recently been getting into Anime shows like Land of the Lusterous and more recently, Revue Starlight.  I'm used to binge watching, but Revue Starlight is new and hasn't even aired all of the episodes yet.  But what's interesting is that the show has an official YouTube channel and they now have the 6 aired episodes available to watch!  Even though I still don't know Japanese, I'm watching the new episodes first in Japanese, and no subtitles, relying on just what is on the screen and character voices to find out what is happening.  It's an interesting experiment.
WIP Pennsylvania Map Shader anaylzer
I started this a week ago, when the new district voting maps came out.  I'm no where close to being done, but didn't want people thinking I was leaving DeviantArt with my lack of activity.
So what am I using?
- Adobe Illustrator to make vector images of the Maps (County (Shown through texture), 2011 Districts (shown), 2018 Districts)
- Adobe Photoshop - make tweaks so images process without errors
- Substance Designer- material that inputs 3 maps for processing and other procedural texturing effects
It's that time of year again, to start planning and making arrangements for ADW 2018 (Aero Design West).  It's in April this year and will have more info about it.
OMG, Jenna Brown (of A Hat in Time) (cyanatar on Twitter) is asking for Nendroids of Hat Kid? Where do I sign up for work?
Saturday, the animation software used by Studio Ghibli as early as Princess Mononoke has been made as an Open Source (and therefore FREE).  Also, it has ports already for Windows and Mac platforms.…

You should at least try the software out.  I plan on making some tutorial videos as I learn more about the software.  I just watch one person's video on the software and know you can at least paint from inside the program itself.  One thing that might be odd to a lot of people is that you have to define the colors you're going to paint before you use them.  So you could have as few as 2 colors and many others.  The colors are node based, and do not transfer to other layers.  While odd at first, this is actually to streamline the process of correcting colors after your deep into the animation itself.  The file formats I saw initially are TIFF and PNG.  TIFF, maybe the original image file format that predates even BMP, is adaptable enough and is the one format that allows for transparency without compression.

So far, I'm not very happy with the software.  I wanted to import assets I've made in Photoshop (Walfas and extras) (Via PNG / TIFF) and vector graphic assets from Illustrator/Flash/AfterEffects.  The software looks like it's designed for scanner stuff... and that's a lot of paper and trees.  I'm trying to just import them... but haven't figured how that's done.  Very frustrating.  I want to work with that bone tool, but if I can't even get something that looks like my premade assets... what good is it?

I'll give it a few days I think while I work on other things.  I really wanted to play though...


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United States
Hi, I recently graduated with a second B.A. degree with a Media Design in Digital Video and Visual Effects. I had a early mid-life crisis and decided to pursue my childhood dream of animation. My previous degree is in Computer Information Technology and did PHP/MySQL programming for 4 years.

I also do photography on the side. And I'm learning ZBrush (right now) by myself.

Current Residence: California, USA

Website front in currently in just text state. Everything in the "silly_moogle" folder is what was on my former domain. In process of completely changing my portfolio.

Also started putting my own videos from college on youTube…


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It's good to hear your back around.
Let me make this clear, I was never banned. I deactivated this account of my own accord. I had since reactivated it to drive home the point that I was never banned, and that I've long since moved on from that loser WBL. I haven't so much as made a single mention of him in months, and yet here he is to this day still talking shit about me in his journals and still trying to smear my name to this day. If anyone is the "stalker", it's WBL. Seriously! This feud is now four fucking years old! He needs to stop! Why am I not saying anything to him directly? Simple, we are very much blocked from each others' pages. I could care less about that dipshit. And yet, he still obsesses over me. I'm only saying something now BECAUSE he won't stop. Feel free to point this out to him, that he's a liar and a hopeless case of someone who will never learn.
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I am so glad the Internet wasn't a thing back when I graduated from high school, or I would have probably been stalking my bullies and visa versa like the two of you are towards each other.

Since I'm going through a family crisis right now, I don't have time for this stuff, so I'm going to be very blunt.
Neither of you have truly moved on.  Both of you need to stop giving any weight to the others actions and ignore each other.  This means stop following each others actions and actually stop caring.  They are irrelevant to your real goals and personal endeavors.
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This is one mention of him out of ten he's made towards me. But when you talk shit about someone, there's bound to be backlash. He wouldn't dare do this in real life, because he knows I would punch his teeth out. I'm sorry to involve you in this, but seeing as he gets away with so much crap...WTF am I supposed to do anymore? No right person would just stand there and take it like a bitch. Anyway, I'll leave you alone after this. Unfortunately, trying to talk any kind of sense into him will only result in him calling you a coward or something like that and an instant block from his page without merit; because as well all know: WBL is NEVER wrong, right? :roll:
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