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Welcome to Vector Club

Vectorquestia is an MLP Vector group. We accept all forms of vectors, whether they be traced from the show, full-blown pictures, or simple of an OC! We have no quality standards, and we're always glad to help with your skill!

Rules: Vector artwork only! No porn, gore, or any mature material! Not even saucy!

Featured: This is where the top vector artwork is! All submissions will be chosen by the founder. Any proposed features will be declined!
Twilight Sparkle: Everything and anything Twilight Sparkle!
Rainbow Dash: 20% Cooler artwork featuring the fastest pegasus around!
Fluttershy: Artwork featuring Fluttershy!
Pinkie Pie: Artwork featuring everypony's favorite Party Pony!
Rarity: Fabulous artwork featuring the one, the only... Rarity!
Applejack: Artwork featurin' everypony's favorite apple bucker!
Spike: Artwork featuring Spike!
Derpy: Artwork featuring Ponyville's local ditz!
Objects: Any non-living aspects of the show! Rocks, chairs, food, etc.
CMC: Artwork with the Cutie Marks Crusaders! Either by themselves or as a group! (Only exception to the 2+ rule)
Secondary Characters: The are characters who have spoken lines, appear regularly, and support the main cast!
Background Characters: Characters who have only appeared in the background, and may have one or two spoken lines in the show. No canon name spoken in-show.
Cutie Marks: All Cutie Marks, canon or not!
Original Characters: Original characters go here!
Crossover: All crossover/parody artwork goes here!
Royalities: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Shining Armor
2+ Char: Group Pictures go here! Pictures involving a character and their pet (Applejack and Winona, Fluttershy and Angel, etc) go here as well!
Animals: Pets, dragons, butterflies, snails, you name it! It goes here!
Backgrounds: Landscapes, wide-pan shots, etc.
Villains: All the villians, both major (Discord, Nightmare Moon) and minor (Gilda, Trixie, etc.) belong here!

Feel free to suggest additional folders!

Gallery Folders

SpectrumGift by TagTeamCast
Alicorn Amulet Vector by TagTeamCast
Snowy Canterlot Castle by EmberFiremane
Harry Potter Ponified 10 by asdflove
Twilight Sparkle
Vector #73: Princess Bunnylight by AlanDSSparkle
Vector #72: A little filly with a big smile by AlanDSSparkle
Vector #71: ''What are you looking at...?'' by AlanDSSparkle
Twilight Sparkle Exhausted by chanyhuman
Rainbow Dash
Vector #74: Worried Dash by AlanDSSparkle
Rainbow Dash pointing to you by AndoAnimalia
(Vectorized) Lost The Bet by kuren247
Elementized Rainbow Dash by RocioVioletta
Apron Shy by kingdark0001
Fluttershy #1 by PumpkinPieforLife
Fluttershy listening with a smirk by AndoAnimalia
Welcome Back My Friend by AndoAnimalia
Rarity crying tears of happiness by AndoAnimalia
Windsurfing by IronM17
Rarity offering by AndoAnimalia
Commission: Rarity as Zatanna - Vector by TheArtsyEmporium
Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie Presents... Friendship! by Lahirien
Vector #75: Smiley Ponk by AlanDSSparkle
The Easter Pinkie by Porygon2z
Skydiving by IronM17
Heh by AndoAnimalia
Commission: Applejack as Green Lantern - Vector by TheArtsyEmporium
Best O'Luck by Roger334
Western Humor by kuren247
Bronx cheer angrily by kuren247
Happy Derpy Day 2021 by lachlancarr1996
Derpy Doing Her Job by LoneBoy48
Derpy Hooves Vector 2 by Melisareb
ScootaPreen Rainmeter Skin by Favitwink
[Vector #55} Sorry Scoots by Kojibiose
No! Scootaloo, please don't! by Porygon2z
{Vector #48} Gala Belle by Kojibiose
Presenting his purple leathery tootsies by Porygon2z
Yo-yo, dragon boy by Porygon2z
A little dragon with a huge belly by Porygon2z
Sleep tight, Spike by Porygon2z
Secondary Characters
Holy F***ing S**t! by kuren247
Background Characters
MLP Vector - Flitter and CloudChaser by ThatUsualGuy06
{Vector #57} Angry Cadance by Kojibiose
King Diomedes by AndoAnimalia
(Commission)  Midnight Grave by kuren247
Peach Bloom Stella and Roxy by user15432
Changeling Scarab Beetle by venjix5
Cutie Marks
Vector Biscuit CM MLP by AmicaSecret
Picnic in the Forest (background) by PumpkinPieforLife
Monkey Crossing Vine by AndoAnimalia
Two or More Char.
Pony Life Cadance by EmeraldBlast63
Sunny Jubilee by EmeraldBlast63
Princess Vienna Fury by TagTeamCast


Hello everypony and Welcome to Vectorquestria. In the last blog entry released by this group, your Former founder, 'Thesharpone' said he was stepping down from management and giving the group to someone he thought was qualified. I applied for the task and i was honored to find my self in the founders box a few days ago. Now i am the only Admin of Vectorqestria.

Something i dont want to do,since this is now the largest group i've ever been admin to, is make alot of changes, why fix a group that isn't broken? If new moderator spots open up, I'll make sure everyone knows.
I may go through the gallery and do some sorting but it seems very well organized

This group is free of Trolls and other bad members if i can say, Sharpone did i very good job of moderating this group.

If you have any questions for me, I'll be delighted to answer them, Be sure to visit my profile if you'd like to see what i do in terms of art and My other 2 groups if you'd like to know where i've gotten my experience

Farewell my friends may this group shine forever~
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3rd in the line of Admins of Vectorquestia, Graphic Designer and Vector artist. If you have any problems, comment or note. I check DA every few days.




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Hey guys, thanks for requesting my Rainbow Power Rarity pic to be in here.  I haven't oked it yet cuz that pic is actually NOT vectored, it's raster/vexel but it comes across as one.  You can still have it in here if you want but these are my vectored pics if you want them instead:…

(the "Perfect Pear" one and the YCH sketches aren't vectored, they just show up since the word "vector" is mentioned in their description)
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Was looking for MLP vectors and stumbled onto this group. Uh, is the mod not aware that there are works in the gallery that are obviously non-vector and/or saucy despite the rules saying not to post that stuff here?
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