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Copper Deck II for NextSTART 3 by vectornut Copper Deck II for NextSTART 3 by vectornut
This theme is part of the Copper Deck II (aka CopperDeckII) suite of skins by Treetog (Renato Veras Jr.) The theme includes alternate startbar bitmaps depending on what edge of the screen you want the startbar on. Other wallpaper resolutions can be found here: [link] Permission in ZIP.

UPDATE 14 Nov 02: Fixed some bugs, updated some bitmaps, and incorporated some new NS 3 features including the ability to tile the center section of the NS menu title button.

COMMENT 22 Nov 02: Please note that due to a couple of updates in the way NS works with the Startbar seperator bitmaps, to get them spaced correctly, go into NS prefences, go to Startbar preferences, click on the Startbar and Section Seperator Skinning Preferences button (in the Skinning section), and change the Section Seperator Offsets from Top: and Bottom: 0 to 12.
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bk13garbageman Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2008
Nice job!
staff94 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
1st of all this theme is ripped from a diffrent site and this theme is for windows blindz. I even had it before in the past.. and you got to download the program to make it work
vectornut Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2002
Note that you don't have to use the StartBar with NS or with this theme. The theme works fine if you turn off the startbar.
jokerrabit Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002
ok I put the file in themes but when I go to change themes it shows up as emptywhy I have XP could that be it? please help
raschen Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2002   Interface Designer
Color comp kicks butt, not to keen on having a startbar... just me trying to get rid of the windows feel I guess. But the concept you have going is rock solid. Looks great.

jokerrabit Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2002
I like this but I'm new and I cant figer out how to install this where can I learn how?
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October 31, 2002
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