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A new beginning...

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Hey, check out my art site at

UPDATED UPDATED (sort of) UPDATED (2015) :: Going to be trying again here...

UPDATED UPDATED (2010) :: I have updated this entry a few times over the 5-6 years that I have been on DeviantArt. Each time I seemly have contracted the art itch again at the moment and am all giddy and jumpy. Then a few days, weeks, perhaps if I'm lucky months, my interest wains and I disappear again. This time I hope is different. This time I have decided not to overwhelm myself like I usually do and simply do what I want, when I want as long as I keep doing it! So right now I'm almost starting over, simply getting to know my paints again. Playing and playing. So bare with me, hopefully will start on something official in a few months. I have a hard time staying on one painting more then a few hours because I get so giddy!! Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATED (2006) :: Funny, I have been to this site many time before, but years later I have finally decided to become a part of this community. It's a nice one at that! Though the site is slow and that is a huge turn off, it's worth the wait to see other people's works, comments and ideas. The most exciting part is that it has inspired me to get back into traditional art and painting. I have beed sidetracked with the digital medium and want to get my hands wet again. I'm uploading my old stuff from high school, college and sketches after. However, I'm looking forward to uploading new works that I start this year... from a completely fresh and new angle. So much has changed since the first drawings... so damn much...





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How long do you spend on people's profile pages?

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I sometime obsess over people!
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A new beginning... by vectorlime, journal