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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

By VectorJones
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Edit: Made a big ass print and hung it on my wall. Check it.

Okay, so a long time ago in a land far, far away there was this guy named Hokusai who made art prints with wood blocks and did all this stuff that was beautiful and great and wow, what a guy!

Then, 300 years later, I woke up one afternoon and decided to bum around Wikipedia, found this image and thought "hey, I bet I could reproduce that in Illustrator."

So then I went and ate some mac & cheese and a few weeks went by. I cleaned out my gutters, I found some old Legos in a box and built a spaceship. I played about a 1000 hours of GTA IV.

Oh and then i reproduced that thing i saw that time.

I'll leave it to you to decide which of those things was the most amazing (you should totally see the spaceship. Dude, it's awesome!)

Hey, you like looking the exact same stuff on different sites? Great! Check out my Tumblr and Behance pages. 
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Wood Blocks
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Pretty much, yep. =)
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I actually have a canvas of this hanging on a wall in my home.
This is a beautiful reproduction
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Excellent work ! :) That was a good idea to vectorize it ;)
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Excellent work! I notice you don't give out vectors, but is there any chance I can grab just the artists signature box from you? This would be awesome as I want to engrave it onto a silver plaque to go with an abstract print that has sections of this print, but no signature. This is a present for my best man in thanks for his awesomeness so any help would be much appreciated.
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I don't know anything about Japanese calligraphy, so it might not be drawn right. Anyway, here is that part of the image.
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Beautiful work. I really like the vectorized portraits.

Do you think you could elaborate an infographic tutorial, a kind of basic how to?
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I've investigated it. However, it would probably be a tutorial 50 pages long. I don't know how many folks would want to go through all that.
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That would be a lot work. Of course we would be very grateful. Maybe it is enough to type a info-graphic diagrams showing the essential steps on your excellent work. Info-graphics schemes are very attractive and easy to interpret.
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There's a pretty good tutorial over here. They essentially cover everything I would.
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Thank you very much.
Happy new year.
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love this pairing
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Very impressive!
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Hey WOW you did a great job! Is there anyway I can get a copy? let me know
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Wow you did a really great job reproducing this piece of art! Im new to this website, and not sure how everything works, but I would love to get/buy a copy of your vector file. I am making a new product that uses cool art like this. Let me know, I appreciate it. Thanks -
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I don't give out my vector files, but there is a download option up there at the top right that will give you a pretty large size jpeg image. If you need something larger, email me and we can talk.

Thanks for commenting =)
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