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There's been a fair few of suggestions now to TheLastHuzzah and me, concerning an addition of a 'Vections' category. If this is something that you'd like to voice an opinion on, then this journal is for you.

Firstly, I'll explain what 'Vections' are, and how they came to be. Vection is the adopted term to describe mixed media pieces containing both vector and raster elements. While a few of you may now be thinking "isn't that what Vexel art is?", I must remind you that no, it is not =P Vexel art is 100% raster layers, created with the Pen tool and/or selection tools, such as the Lasso. There is no mix of Vector and raster in Vexel artwork.

So, a piece of Vector arwork, finished with a couple of brushes in the background and a texture over the top, for example, is mixed media. A mix of vector and raster. A Vection.

Now, there are already Digital Mixed Media galleries where these works could - and currently should - belong. However, the suggestion for this new Vections category comes from that word exactly - "belong."

Vexel art began when artists were creating pieces that they believed were vector, but were actually created with raster media. The term 'vexel' was coined as mix between 'Vector' and 'Pixel', as a way for these artists to know that they were creating something with a name. The name gave them a place to belong - their own community. This is what people want, and what people need.

The suggestions for the Vections category come from the exact same place. The artists who are creating these pieces don't just want to be flung into 'Mixed Media'. They want belong to soemthing, to a community of artists who are doing the same thing they are. Before the vexel definition was updated on deviantART to reflect the media more closely, there was a great deal more activity within the community and within these galleries. The recent lack of activity is not due to people no longer wanting to create their artwork, not at all, it's just that what they do is no longer classified as vexel art, but its not vector either.

These people are feeling cast out, cast aside... and we don't want that. So after much discussion, TheLastHuzzah and I decided it was time to bring this forward to the wider community for YOUR thoughts.

So... how do YOU feel about the prospect of a Vections category?

Please comment with your thoughts and feedback - it would be hugely appreciated.
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