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Sugar Belle!

By Vectorest
 Woohoo! Another vector from season 5 yet again. Night Glider is next. :)


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Sugar Belle belongs to Hasbro
Please do not trace, recolor, or claim this image as your own work

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One of the beautifulest mares ever.

PanHead537's avatar

I don't think that's a word, but I agree.

Mileskiller70's avatar
Also you've been credited in the description of the video! 
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Hi, I used this image in my upcoming movie "Friends MLP Style", a non-commercialized video on Youtube! You've been credited in the description, but if you'd rather I didn't use it please let me know and I'll take it down! Thanks again for the awesome vector! 
mlplover900's avatar
can i make a base out of it? but in my way and also creaditing you?
LeandroValhalla's avatar
She was too cute! :love:
SKULLuigi's avatar
Looks great ! Can I use it for a drawing I'm doing ? I promise to credit you.
Mathew-Swift-VA's avatar
May I use this vector for a Gravity Falls parody?
Vectorest's avatar
Sure thing, credit me for the vector!
8-Notes's avatar
Hey mate if you don't mind me asking how did you get the cutie mark vectorized from an illustrator file to inkscape, cause every time I bring one in unlike an svg the whole Vector when I export it, its blurry I don't know why?
Vectorest's avatar
I wouldnt mind but I dont know how to fix that or have ever occured that problem before(not that I know of.)I simply downloaded the cutie mark. I didn't used Illustrator tho. xP
YoshiRingo's avatar
I really love how you make the pupils have a little bit more color, it adds even more adorableness
Vectorest's avatar
Its more stylish that way ^-^
YoshiRingo's avatar
and cute of course, I'd love to see more adorable drawings like that X3
WerewolfConfess's avatar
Sugar Belle is so cute. She's my favorite character from season 5 so far.
Sugar-Belle-MLP's avatar
This looks adorable!
Vectorest's avatar
Thanks Sugar Belle XD
Sugar-Belle-MLP's avatar
NinjaShadow-X's avatar
Looks really neat, but aren't the pupils within her eyes supposed to be black?
Vectorest's avatar
Why thanks. I intended the pupils to be the same color as her regular eye color except darker for a different style
NinjaShadow-X's avatar
I see. I guess black pupils are somewhat overrated. If only animators had the same idea.
Vectorest's avatar
I hope they do that! Have you seen some of the back grounds in season 5 ;D ?
SuperBlueYoshi's avatar
She's so adorable! :D
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