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Greetings everyone. I am happy to let you all know that I am opening up commissions again. 

But only 3 commissions at a time and they will listed on my page. This is due to my real life job being busy right now 

Things I will not make : Robots, super complicated pieces (takes too long) and no gore or grimdark 

-Cannon Oc's, bat ponies, Unicorn, Pegasus, earth pony or alicorn are £10 per character. 
-OC's wearing uniforms or armour £20 
-Crystal pony OC's £15
-Gryphons, Seaponies and Hippogryphs are £15
-Fully shaded OC's £20
-Oc's with backgrounds will be £25
Kirin OC's £15 
And pose set of 70-80 poses (ponies only) £60 

For all requests you need to please send me a note of the commission you want and links to images of of you OC you want me to make 
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How much would it cost to have a set of poses done?
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I have a sorta different kind of commission idea ^^ i'll send you the details in Notes
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I might consider Uncle Vector Dragon. ^^
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dang bro your sets got bigger x.x