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pinkie Pie's Family re-done----again!

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Please Hasbro. Stop re-designing the pie family. I can't take the comments. 


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Pinkie Pie:
”This is my family, Wander.”
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Diana173076Professional Artist
Marble is my favorite Pie sister
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I wonder if Pinkie is adopted!
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Good gravy Limestone what is your problem girl? A smile never hurt nobody. 
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Kleiner-JayProfessional Artist
limestone looks so... rude..
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that's because she is, big time.
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I'm really glad Maud would decide to smile in this image.
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iann28Hobbyist Artist
I wonder if anyone can do a fusion of the "pie" family?
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My Family
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i swear sometimes i think pinkie is adopted 
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Ooh, that would be an interesting plot twist.
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iann28Hobbyist Artist
Kinda looks that way, since she's more colorful than the others..
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thee again the emotions are split perfectly between them

Happy, Angry, Insecure

and completely emotionless  
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user15432Professional Filmographer
Pinkie Pie has now three sisters
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Cooper31Hobbyist General Artist
Nice one!
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Hurray!  I just knew you would do this!
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They're a pretty good family.
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monterrangHobbyist General Artist
and then, hasbro decide there is a half brother/5th sister
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Marblelight's avatar
*Mmhmm sorry but if someone wrote it wrong I'm mad. XD
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
we still don't know what maud´s cm is. isn't it strange ?? :/
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Let's be honest. I'll give you three guesses, what her cutie mark is. 
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
ok I know what you mean . but I just meant who it looks like . I mean lemon stone pie has a lemon and this wthit points as cm
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CharPonyVAHobbyist Filmographer
It's Limestone pie....after the rock. Her CM is a lime with rocks. Marble is 3 marbles.
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