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Too hot

By Vector-Brony
Well it's the summer holidays over here. Means i'm off work and building up to going to BUCK. the Uk brony Convention. And as it ha been really hot here I've made this comic. I really feel for the Guards at Buckingham palace and horse Guards who have to stand around in full kit under the baking sun.

Credit goes to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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goldorakx69's avatar
silly princess love play with the guard like this
TwistedFireNinja's avatar
Can I please dub this? 
Vector-Brony's avatar
Be my guest. Please link me when done.
VinnyMartello's avatar
I remember my boot camp experience in the heat. It was kind of like that.
IronPiedmont1996's avatar
Reminds me of that one royal guard that passed out while Queen Elizabeth II passed.

Here it is:…
PenRoseTheArtist's avatar
I think the president needs to see this, as it would make america a better place
PokeDamos's avatar
LOL such trolling. *gives all the guards some ice cold water.*
liuhyhung123's avatar
the troll have been double
DoubleBlaze's avatar
i love 2 sister troll hahahaha
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconshiningarmorplz: "Your Majesties, please... :iconheaddeskplz:"
marchy96's avatar
LOL!!! I laughed at the "Who gave you permission to pass out!" part! Still smiling xD
CaptainDerpyApplez's avatar
Trollestia strikes again! Trollestia 
KraangTheConqueror's avatar
Seriously Princesses?! Are you helping or making it worst?!
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconshiningarmorplz: "What do you think the answer is? :iconheaddeskplz:"
:iconcadanceplz: -> :iconteheplz:
KaRyu1017's avatar
:iconsoldierplz:: Which one of you numb-nuts let the team down?
MaleticAnimeWatcher's avatar
what they fainting for the princesses swim suits
or the heat their in
KaijuInfinity's avatar
I think it was both. XD
lightyearpig's avatar
I think it's the princesses.
elr79655's avatar
Pity that black horse.  He's probably feeling the most heat.
alexwarlorn's avatar
And hes't he one complaining the least.
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