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To the pool

By Vector-Brony
Man It's hot in the Uk at the moment. 30 degrees Celsius most of the time. And so I'm making a comic about the heat. and These two will feature in it.

 Credit goes to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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Wow. Celestia and Luna look better in one piece bathing suits than my ex looks in a bikini
Artsy-Purple-Lover87's avatar
I love how Luna is under a parasol!!! Luna dear, if you stay in the sun for to long you will turn lighter!!!
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Summer time also for alicorns
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That is so cute. My sister and I would never do something like that.
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well this something I don´t see everyday 
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DON'T DROWN! Can you even swim?
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their is likely to be a lifeguard 
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Is he likely to swim as we'll depending wether he's a pony or not?
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Ponies in swim suits....          WHY????
Vector-Brony's avatar
because it's cute
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yeah but it doesn`t make any sense.They are always naked but when they are going to the pool they wear swimsuits 
i guess being cute is more important then make sense!  :)
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I like the umbrella. For some reason.
I want it.
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I love the fact that Luna's got a parasol. Perfect accessory for her on a sunny day, really!
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Love their poses~ and they're wearing swimsuits! :giggle:
But... 30 degrees is hot? I'd consider it average, even cool~
It's when it gets closer to 40 that things start to get ugly. :XD:
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Well for Britain 30 degrees is very hot. I prefer it much colder. Give me snow
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I can imagine~ it's all a matter of getting used to a certain weather. :)
I've never seen snow~ the coldest time I've seen was around 10 degrees, I freezed. :XD:
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Awesome work! I love how Luna used a parasol!

The princesses are so beautiful :)
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