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To the pool 2

By Vector-Brony
Now my comic is done, i'm uploading some bit and pieces. And I can not deny that they both look cute in swimsuits.

Credit goes to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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I'm not sure if you care, or if you allow it, but some guy kinda stole this to edit in a background , along with his ponysona and Twilight, and posted it on here without crediting you for this image.
He seems to do this quite a bit, but if you don't want him to do it with stuff you made, here you go: A Day At The Beach With The Royalties
Again, I'm not sure if you care, but if you do I thought I'd let you know.
Vector-Brony's avatar
Thank you for letting me know. I don't appreciate my stuff being used without my permission. 
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I bet all the stallions are looking at these two^^
WyattStoneNCC96230A's avatar
Looks awesome! :) BTW, someone on Derpibooru made a pregnant edit of this image.
BrutalityInc's avatar
Cue mass nosebleeds from stallions.
bluemacaw11's avatar
They look so cute in those baything suits X3
Chiyawa's avatar
Indeed they are.
BaroqueWolfe's avatar
This looks nice. ^^
CrimsonColt7's avatar
I wonder how many stallions will be running to the pool knowing the two princesses there's wearing swimsuit ? XD
dingosnivysprint12's avatar
Looking good Celestia! You too Luna :D 
LightReading2's avatar
the princesses look better in the one piece suits than some of the ponies do their bikinis in other people artwork.
Hollylily's avatar
ADRFBR's avatar
moar celestia in swimsuit pls! *¬*
LaszlVFX's avatar
EUNE7's avatar
Beach party
Rainbow2-0's avatar
Uh... Luna... It's not gonna rain...
GJTProductions's avatar
Shading from the sun. (Imagine from that dark coat how easily she overheats!)
Philaharmonicai's avatar
Gorgeous vectors! Makes me so ready for the beach! I totally agree with the earlier comment of Luna having a more conservative outfit for her views and Celestia - being SunButt - embraces it. It even shows with the umbrella (would LOVE an umbrella like that!) and the beach ball. Everything just looks awesome and it's so perfect for the summer! Great job!
Vector-Brony's avatar
thank you for your kind words.
templar127's avatar
I just love the design choices for their suits.
bookwormsteve's avatar
very cute indeed
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