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The Snack pack

By Vector-Brony
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You have no idea how good it is to be making these again. 
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Snack pack??? I thought they were The Friendship Students!
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MLP-TrailGrazerProfessional Digital Artist
They are
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Can't wait to see the Junior Mane Six in action this Season!
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Aww these six are adorable! (Yes, even you two, Sandbar & Gallus) It's gonna be interesting following their lessons in friendship...
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The new Main 6!
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amalgamzakuStudent Digital Artist
They were surprising interesting interesting characters with interesting depth to them rather then just caricature of the elements that I was expecting.  
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Splatterpaint-DonkeyHobbyist Digital Artist
Are your commissions open?
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We finally get a real fist bump. None of that hoof on hoof bs
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Great job on this.

And I hope everyone enjoyed these characters.  Because we may not see them again until the season finale.  Because god forbid this show ever focus on anything other than what the Maneificent 7 are doing.
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You must be real proud on making this, Vector. :) Good Job! :D
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Cinnamon-SwirlsStudent Digital Artist
Basically (at least how I perceive these characters so far personally)...

Ocellus: A changeling Fluttershy
Yona: Just an adorable klutz 
Gallus: A griffon Rainbow Dash, but grumpier than her character-wise 
Smolder: A dragon Rainbow Dash, but with a very similar color scheme to Scootaloo
Silverstream: A hippogriff Pinkie Pie
Sandbar: Surfer dude/beach or turtle lover???
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Ocellus also struck me as a parallel to Twilight, as she's shown reading in the Castle and is the only one of the group shown to have an interest in the classes even with the "by the book" method(since she's shown to remember a few things and even calls the classes by name).
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I must see more of them!!!
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
The Lion Guard- I mean, the Snack Pack! :D

(My favorite is Sandbar ^^ He's an Earth-Pony with friends who are gifted with flight, magic and strenght. He may look like the weakest in the bunch, but I have a feeling he'll prove himself one day :))
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MLP-TrailGrazerProfessional Digital Artist
They're actually called The Snack Pack, probably because they're all bite-sized XD
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah thank you. Also you have some great art. Your page is an inspiration ^^
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MLP-TrailGrazerProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, thank you ^^ Ironically, before I got held up with a school assignment, I was working on a picture of them myself. Looks like you beat me to it XD
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HumanoSiniestroHobbyist Writer
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dcaldwell101Hobbyist Artist
So many sixes. Though I wouldn't call them the young mane six since only like maybe 3 of them some equine qualities
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