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By Vector-Brony
Well this was a good way to spend my week. Their will be a sequel when I get free time again but it could be a while. 
Fallout Equestria was written by kkat 

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sonicx804's avatar
He is so dead 😨😨😨😨!!!!!!
TechZeroPyro's avatar
On one hand, Velvet is going to kill him.

On the other hand, that armor is apparently a death trap, so the choice is really Velvet or the raiders.
PanHead537's avatar
Where's the rest of this? And Velvet looks like she's gonna kill him! LOL!
samuraivalerie's avatar
All good things to fix, accept the stitching, i'm not so sure he'd know anything about that. And accept for the thin armor seems like the whole thing is a simple fix without changing the design much.
(even without hte gold at the collar, i think Sure-shot Calamity looks real good in that.)
GreyNimbus's avatar
If Calamity if a descendant of Fluttershy, then who... Oh.
SaltedPingas's avatar
bernardofoquita's avatar
Well Calamity you sound like Fluttershy now
ALARIS-HYN's avatar
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
This is why we let Calamity make the dresses! I wonder if he could actually fix a toaster? Repair was his Mark after all.
nightengale1028's avatar
*facehoof*....and your not gonna get any toast tonight clamity. not from her anyways..
Chiyawa's avatar
Eeyup, why would a soldier wear 50 pounds of armour if the armour couldn't protect them the right way?
WHATisYOURobsession's avatar
I get the feeling Calamity is the one who should be doing the sewing. He knows the right kind of stitch that should be used. I mean seriously, fashion geek alert! haha. Love the comic.
NGPegasus's avatar
That Littlepip~
MrSpanyard's avatar
I knew it! Velvet Remedy is Rarity 2.0, just bad with fashion.
If it runs in the genes... shouldn't she be a bit more like Applejack too?

I wish I could make a comic in a week like you...
KingEnderPony's avatar
Sorry but he is asking for a punch from velvet.
NuvaPrime's avatar
Be careful what you wish for
Azzwo's avatar
Velvet will need her own rendition of the 'Art of the dress' song Wink/Razz 
Vector-Brony's avatar
that would be awesome. 
There seem to be cosmic echos from the past we know so well coming back to haunt these future generations... let the good times roll.
BronyHunter97's avatar
Welp, he's f*cked.
TerraHv1's avatar
Hehehe, nice comic. I always loved that scene from the show and this is a great remake with more characters I love.
Rixlan's avatar
Looks like a couple of things run in the family.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, That was hilarious, I love how Velvet has the glasses like Rarity in the first 7 panels
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