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Starlight glimmer meets Sunburst again

Hey all. Sorry for the huge delay in art but I was working on a comic and came to a dead end. But I was pleased to see Sunburst come back and get some resolve with Starlight Glimmer. It also seems that Sunburst is trying to be the next Starswirl the Bearded (come on Hasbro give us something about the guy). Oh and as a side not I'm not too fond of Starlight's new mane. I liked the old style better

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Is Starlight a girly girl or a tomboy? I was always wondering that....
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Well she’s not like rainbow dash.
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Yes and is sometimes in love.
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Tomboys can be in love too. And Applejack don't act like RED and she's a tomboy. 
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if the writers pulled off the sunburst is starswirl theory i would be so impressed as its such an awesome idea !
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Only big time fans could beg Faust into it she isn't big on the mystery of Starswirl so if someone can sucker her in they deserve a big heavy medal with 6 Gold Stars and a Silver tiara with a Steve Universe limited edition Lunchbox! Im way to in over my head...... Well this is my Issue with it is that half of the Universe doesn't know starswirl but It could be a dead end
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Hmmm, being a time travel fan, how about I toss out the idea that he eventually goes back in time to meet Starswirl, and winds up becoming him?
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Wouldn't it be a mind blow if they travel to the past and Sunburst becomes Starswirl the bearded and Starlight decides to stay with him. Forming the basis for magic in Equestria. 
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Interesting indeed.
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I already love these two together...not that I plan to become a shipping zombie or anything ;)
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I don't like Starlight either way but Sunburst was interesting it seems his special talent is more towards a knowledge of Magic I bet he'd be an excellent teacher at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns
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Wait. If Starlight destroyed the world because Sunburst abandoned her…then that means that SUNBURST DESTROYED THE WORLD!!!
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I'm glad to see the return of bearded ponies. We've seen moustached ponies, just not bearded ones. We need more of those.
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fellow deviant... check out the teaser.…

look closely at the beginning... i immediately recognize your artwork being shortly animated. i was really surprised.
Did they(hasbro) ask permission from you about your work? or am i making a mistake here?
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I made the vector from that clip. 
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Somethign tells me it won't end exactly like this.
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turns out he was a werewolf pony
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Hello, I'm trying to find an art piece for the Friend Off contest. Basically, every writer would have to find a fan art, and write a fic about it. And every artist would have to find a fic, and make a fan art off of it.

I'm one of the writers, and one that specializes in Sad and Slice of Life tags, and your piece just BEGS for a good fic to go with it. Any chance I can write a fic off of it for my submission?
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