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I love it when MLP bring in mythical creature into the lore. I made a few tweaks to the Sphinx's design, giving her claws, Thinner legs and a longer neck. 
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So amazing! I must hug her!
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She's so pretty!!
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I love Sphinx! She's both cute and cool :3
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Good lookin' sphinx :)
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 starswirl the sphinxed
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I wont be surprised if people begin making Sphinx OC's soon.
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I'm down for more feline OCs
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She is best kitty!
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I want to hug the kitty! ^^
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I knew you would get around to vectoring the sphinx eventually. Great job.
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Sphinx ponies for the win!!
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Just a shame the rest of the episode was painfully mediocre.
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Giant kitty pony. I love her design and Wubcake's voiceover video really suited the character.
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