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Princess Cadence with Ceremonial Headdress

By Vector-Brony
This was one of the hardest pieces of art I have ever done. The headdress had so many layers and was so complicated that i almost went Loco in the coco. but I've done it.
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Have You tried doing Princess Cadance without ceremonial headdress

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It has to be a b**ch getting her mane like that.
DylanCArt's avatar
Nice art work you did.
tmnt4132's avatar
I love this it's so pretty
Vector-Brony's avatar
such old and terrible work Sweating a little... 
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
not even, i think its awesome
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ringsandamiss007's avatar
That's the sickest mane style ever!!!!
Vector-Brony's avatar
it was really hard to do. a lot of pictures and a whole bar of chocolate was needed.
FriendlyKuromi's avatar
a whole bar of chocolate????
Vector-Brony's avatar
To eat and keep my spirits up
FriendlyKuromi's avatar
oh i would do that but i don't like eating to much chocolate :P
timfortune9's avatar
Now you know how Rarity felt.
BB-K's avatar
Yeap, that's quite a lot of work inside that.
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I can see that the hair must have taken forever. :O Good job on it though. :)
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Rarity sure does know how to save a doo
monthrax's avatar
Very good shading of the wings, also and yet again it looks professional.
Vector-Brony's avatar
the wings were easy. that mane took me nearly five hours to do
StheUnicorn's avatar
Wow. o3o when I watched the episode, I was like " Dat mane..... O3O " it's gotta be the scariest mane I've ever seen. Scarily beautiful, that is. -3-
monthrax's avatar
Ouch, that`s a long time.
Schwarzhimmel's avatar
Reminds me of Peggy Wanker (Bundy) for some reason....
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