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Old school Vinyl and Octavia

I wasn't a huge fan of the Hearts warming episode. Mainly because its May, it's warm and sunny here and this is a small point.....WE'RE SIX MONTHS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS!!! 

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Aww. They're beautiful and adorable.
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The creativity of 19th century headphones being stethoscopes. I just am blown away by that idea ^^
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used it for a wallpaper
Kicking the Bass Old School Style Wallpaper by SailorTrekkie92
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This is awesome. :D
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"Let's crank this stuff!"
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I think it was good, not Muppet Christmas Carol good, but good.
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is vinyl ever so slightly purple or is it just me?
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her outline does look a bit pinkish purple
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Don't you see? they're thinking ahead to syndication when they CAN show the episode during actual Christmas! Or they were going for a Christmas in July thing, and just undershot the mark by a slightly smaller margin...

Also, you know what would be awesome?
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Can I just say here how much I love Vinyl's glasses and Octi's hat? Cause I really, REALLY do.
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Wubs were even cool back then. Nice. Just goes to show that Wubs are forever.
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Well, at least some of us get to see what a col Christmas is about :P
I really like the look they did with Vinyl here:D
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Me and my fiance were thinking the same thing; a Christmas themed episode in May.
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Old-school Wubs!
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I did wish we could of seen that around December but I did enjoy the songs. Also nice work on this old school piece ^^
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I wonder if Vinyl could make wubs out of anything?
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Old school, love it!
I love the idea, and the art is great as always, but wouldn't Octy's regular cello be fine as is seeing as the creation of the cello vastly predates the creation of the phonograph?

I'm not trying to knock the picture I'm honestly just curious.
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Hahaha, this was such an awesome episode... odd that they played a christmas themed episode in may... hmm..
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Wow, I didn't know Equestria had mane gel back then!
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