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Nightmare moon's Guard

By Vector-Brony
One of my big passions is the mlp universe is armour. When I saw the Nightmare moon guard I couldn't help but squee. And as I am slowly starting to feel the Christmas spirit, I'm feeling generous. The first person who can name the mare in the middle of this picture will win a free commissioned vector of his or her OC in armour of their choosing

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Just to let everyone know, i'm not spamming, i'm just replying to old and very old questions about Midnight Blossom (Tenebra). i'm just an anonymous deviantarter that has an account, which is this one, for browsing and commenting purposes only.
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I know who that middle pony is. But the question is how do you know about her?
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I'm not a saint. I've read my fair share of Clop-fic's 
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I didn't mean anything by it. Just poking some fun. Besides the same thing can be said about me. ;)
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Lol. I do like a good clop fic
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Ha, I like it when they openly admit it. I think it makes things more interesting.
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Wonder what Day Breakers soldiers would look like..?
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Now I really want some Tenebra art.
I agree. i recognised Tenebra from the MLP TF2 SFM Series called Hope From Stefano96 on both Deviant art and YouTube.
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"Why Griffon-themed armor? Because Griffons are badass!"
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Captained by Kain Highwind by the looks of things.
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Midnight Blossom, right?
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Without the person, the gun does nothing.
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looks like maud if she were a bat pony
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The one in the middle is Midnight Blossom, isn't it?
To BronzeBlade Yep, she's Midnight Blossom. She's also known as Tenebra from Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. I know Tenebra from Stefano96 on both Deviant art and YouTube. he does the MLP TF2 SFM Series called "Hope" on YouTube.
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The one in the middle is my favorite. I really like their helmets, too
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Someone will have already guessed her name but I'll guess anyway. She's Midnight Blossom and she belongs to Equestria Prevails.
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Isin't her name leath or blossom I know I've seen her befor.
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