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Make a wish pt 1

By Vector-Brony
I've been busy this past month making this short series of comics. After watching perfect Pear, I wanted to make things right with the Apple family. 
Part 1 :   Make a wish pt 1 by Vector-Brony Part 2 :  Make a wish pt 2 by Vector-Brony Part 3: Out of time by Vector-Brony Part 4: Rescue plan by Vector-Brony  part 5 Dance of dragons Part 1 by Vector-BronyPart 6  Dance of dragons Part 2 by Vector-Brony part 7<da:thumb id="709960064">

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This looks very promising.
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Guess these comics arent for mobile... I try ti zoom in to read it and it goes blurrier than a fuzzball
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:icondocbrownplz: :iconsays3plz: GREAT SCOTT! He's messing with the space time continuum! Hope the destruction will just be limited to OUR galaxy...
impact-monster's avatar
Find out next time on VECTORBALL Z
Flimflanboy's avatar
Wait wait wait, back up, since when did Shenron require payment, of ANY kind?
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nicely done, great work.
Shenron, gimme a Mercedes-Benz to rub in my fellow knaves' faces... also, gangsta reasons. (8/
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When in doubt, use your Dragon balls! XD
Pristine1281's avatar
Galatea lol.  I see what you did there Vector.  So is she your true love than since you created her? hehe.

Oh gees, Vector, every idea you've come up with has always had a catch lol.
dcaldwell101's avatar
That's a big price
Alomar3882's avatar
Wait. I thought when you made a wish will this dragon you did not need to pay a price or suffer a universal quintessences?
Vector-Brony's avatar
In this case there is. It just adds to the story.
A price is probably necessary in this case.  Shenron can't bring back people more than a year dead except in the state they where in when they died.
Vector-Brony's avatar
Ah. Someone has caught on and knows the rules.
Tehwatever's avatar
The rule that Shenron can't bring anyone dead for over a year have been removed by Dende. But still, even Dende's Shenron cannot bring anyone back to life from natural death by aging or sickness. (I never watched The Perfect Pear so I don't know the circumstances of their deaths)

Apparently, this Shenron grants TWO wishes, not one, not three. Therefore, this Shenron is probably neither Kami's nor Dende's. Therefore I am going to assume that it has a different set of rules. So I'm gonna give you, the comic author, the benefit of the doubt.
GhostWriter434's avatar
That's the thing; we don't know how Bright Mac and Pear Butter died. I have a few guesses, but my best guesses would have to be them dying during a dangerous apple delivery or timber wolves killed them.
Hotspot-the-626th's avatar
Well, I guess MLP dragon balls require a price :O
GhostWriter434's avatar
I wonder how this is going to turn out.
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0_o.............. this............. this is going to start something. something crazy. I jest know it.
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