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Lovers reunited

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I am still a big fan of Dawn and her back story. To me she was one of the best villains that Blackjack faced and I love the part when she meets her Husband Skystriker again. And anyone who has seen Star wars the force Awakens will see some similarities on this scene. 
 Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber


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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It sure reminds me of Han and Leia's reunion.
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EvilgidgitHobbyist Writer
The pony on the left looks completely unfazed by the fact he is on fire.

"Oh, I'm on fire. Didn't see that coming. What a lovely sweet reunion."
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awesome work
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Digigex90Hobbyist Digital Artist
*sighs* that other guy, can't believe he or she decide to be disappointed. I know how much effort you put into your work. It just reminds me of my very close friend Crisostomo-Ibarra who I seen make much effort to his work. :3

I never read PH myself but I had some idea or two thanks to your pics and The FoE Wikia.
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EvilgidgitHobbyist Writer
And then she went and tried to kill him...
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
A very kylo Ren move
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SomberPony Writer
Yeah.  I just wish the scene in Star Wars had been handled differently.  Essentially it's a deliberate 'jumping off the event horizons' where the villain is given every chance to do the right, moral, ethical thing... and just can't.  A fundamental character flaw makes it impossible for them to do so.  It goes as far back as Antigone, and probably farther still.  

The problem in SW:TFA is that its assumed Kylo has said flaw.  The problem is we're never shown just what that is.  Is it because Han did something or Leia didn't do something and Kylo can't get past the grudge?  If so, it would have been nice to know how they screwed up or didn't.  Is he insecure because he feels he has to be great and Snoke played off that insecurity, because mediocrity was 'insulting'?  Does he believe the New Republic is simply going to result in an unstable and dangerous galaxy and that the Empire, while flawed, was a superior system of government?  We don't know.  He apparently idealized vader, and yet it's never explained why he has such reverence for a man who ultimately was only famous for being the number two man in the Empire.  If it's something as immature as 'I want to be strongest that ever was' then by what comparison are you judging this 'strength'?

So yeah... I have issues with SW:TFA and I have huge issues with Kylo Ren.  But that's neither here nor there.

Also, very awesome picture, as always. :D  I like seeing all the pieces coming together for one image.
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i guess i haven't made it this far i dont recognize this charter yet but it is a long story 
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It's really disappointing how something so poorly made can get so many views and favorites simply by being related to Project Horizons.

Bravo - you threw together a bunch of vectors and paste them against a background. Amazing. The composition - the shadows - the contrast - it's perfect. Isn't it? 

You know, there are actual artists who make their own original work that get fewer views than this. 
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Eat a dick. Seriously, why don't you just go pull that branch out of your ass and stop putting down people just because you don't like their art?
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
First off- Ouch!
Secondly- Those vectors are my own time and effort, nothing has been borrowed  And the same goes for the background I made and designed myself. My talents are making show accurate vectors and working to expand the Fallout Equestria universe character designs.
And finally I have no responsibility for number of views or the popularity of other artist work. I agree they are better than me in their own styles and I applaud their talents.      
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DaralydkHobbyist Writer
yes - this was interesting scene, tough If I'm not misteken it happened on that...roof no?
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So much is happening!
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jolliapplegirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Honestly, it kind of reminds me of the wedding scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. With Elizabeth and Will getting married in the middle of a major battle.
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Indigo-SteelHobbyist General Artist
Looks awesome! Skystriker's armor kinda reminds me of Warhammer40k armor.
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TFAngelwolfStudent Digital Artist
Wait what?!?!?
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2 Things. 1. What is going on with that guy in the bottom left? Is he being disitagrated because of the laser weapon? Or gooped? 2. I am listening to ch. 39 of Fallout EQ by Kkat. I was not ready. Puppy Cry god. Rainbow Dash (cry) plz 
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Project Horizons may not be for you.
Alomar3882's avatar
How so? Cause do you know what I'm talking about? Cookie chomp 
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Right after being rescued from the bailfire bomb in the hellhound attack?
Alomar3882's avatar
Yes. There just leaving and figuring out what to do about Red-Eye & the Pegisa Enclave. But....once everything dies down. I may just cry. And yes I was munching on some cookies. Want one? :cookie: 
Alomar3882's avatar
*We share cookies*. Neko Atsume tubbs plz  So now that the Pegisai Enclave is now up and about. Will there be that weird thing that happens in Fallout 3 were the Col. who I know was in the purifier when it was flooded with 10,000 rads! Someone said he took a whole lot of rad X but.....he went down. Then I hear about the same Col. on the radio? Goddesses please say Harbinger got ashed once that bailfire bomb went off?
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I don't do spoilers. And it was some modified rad resistant chemical, you can see him inject himself with it if you don't stare at dad.
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