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Littlepip happy

Pip is always cute when she is happy. 
Fallout Equestria was written by kkat 


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This one is so cute! :)

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Its lilpip from fallout equestria she looks cute
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Blackjack happy too?
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Litlepip? Might be missing a T there buddy.
Still, Littlepip is getting more comments than Rara.
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Funny how things work like that.
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Littlepip looks amazing.
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its so cute i love little pip
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"A smile...such a common, easy thing to find when I was a foal. In my older years, when things started going to Tartarus, I saw fewer and fewer of them. Now, in this harsh new world, I see almost none. This is how we should rate how good a civilization is...not by the strength of our armies, or the progress of our magic and technology...but by how many ponies are happy enough to smile. By that reckoning, I guess I'm doing a pretty good job with Sanctuary."

- Excerpt from the journal of the Sole Survivor
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Hmmm I wonder what made her happy
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Of course you realize we need Velvet in this pose?

She's almost perfect for it, since she's a singer~
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very tempting. I'm currently making the Harbingers but I'll make that on once i'm done. 
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Never seen her this happy before :D
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She's probably seen Homage
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So many levels of adorable!
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Dude, awesome vector. Makes me wish this was actually part of the show or a spin-off (like that would ever happen).
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awww this is so cute
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Gah your work is so great,pics like this makes me feel like im getting a sneak peak for an upcoming series sorta like starfox TAS xD
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