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Lancer (Fallout Equestria Project Horizons)

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Lancer is a Zebra Remnant, first encountered by Blackjack iniside Roosehoof Academy. He assists Blackjack in her assault on the nearby Gem Mine of Brimstone Falls, which was being supervised by the Reaper Gorgon and the Pecos.

Next up will be the twin sisters Gem and Mini and their brother Taurus

Credit goes to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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CerebralisHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Look great!!! But Mosin rifle and optical sight ПУ... I think? may be this…, or this… )))
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Same reaction here
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af lancer, I don't remember wear I keep hearing this but "The truth always finds a way to be heard." or something like that.
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1945gunnerHobbyist General Artist
Why does his gun remind me of a Russian mosin nagant
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Ah Lancer, yet another one of Somber's characters that managed to travel the full range from "Hate his guts!" to "D'aw poor guy!" over the course of the story. 
Seriously how does he keep doing that?!
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
no Idea. Have you read chapter 69 yet?
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Not all of it, but enough to enjoy BJ's spoilerific conversations with the spoilerific spoiler person, so there's that.
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't wait to see how things turn out. I really hope she doesn't die. She deserves a happy ending to her story. 
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Amen to that!
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DrevisHobbyist Interface Designer
I did not know you give me some information about this here?
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Love the picture, but the mosin-nut in me has to say that the bolts on the wrong side. Don't mind me though, still a great piece.
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
i was thinking of ease of reloading. as a pony has no far as I know. It made sense that the left hoof would work the bolt whilst the right hoof holds onto the rifle. and I was lazy and flipped the image
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looks great!  So glad your working with the animated series team!
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Vector-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Well I've agreed to join but I haven't heard anything from them
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ah well then lets get you started
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Aurora-ChiaroProfessional Traditional Artist
A totally awesome looking pony :D
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Turtledude999Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like that rifle design...
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very awesome!
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TrainDodgerHobbyist General Artist
Oh yes indeed, I love these PH vectors. Clap 
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webkillaHobbyist General Artist
Ah yes - our favorite holier than though asshole from FOE: Horizons
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Ha, I remember this zebra - quite an asshole. 
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