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this was an Idea I came up with a little while ago
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How everyone reacts to technology in general.

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this is why acronym in equetria will be bad if you dont make a book list of all of it!

if we dont, this will get a crazy pony mod to all who dont get it and is will be bad!

well i am like her, i dont full get all those acronym my self!
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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
Oh this won't end well. XD
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Rainbow Dash: Twilight! That's what that text means!!!!!
Me: That better be what you meant. (pulls out katana) or I'm gonna have to teach you to respect the princess the Abyssinian way.
My friend Spike: Blue! Put the sword away. I'll get you a milkshake.
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Darkvader2016Hobbyist Artist
Fluttershy: Rainbow!! Language!!
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Third base! 
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PacificGreenHobbyist Digital Artist
Fun fact: a lot of these acronyms aren't actually acronyms, but initialisms and straight up abbreviations. An acronym, dictionary-definition-wise, has to be pronounced as a single word, like laser or sonar.
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Yeah... Reminds me never to teach old folks on SMS acronyms...
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Lol!! XD
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Ratwo619Student Artist
Just to let you know. I recall Discord uses a phone
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Now can they do "Who's on first?" =P
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Times like these, u gotta whip out the old white board.
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FoxFlameBlade125Hobbyist Artist
OMC, for some reason I thought it stands for Oh My Colt, sort of more sounding like Oh My God
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Snowfire-CabbitHobbyist Artist
lol this was so funny
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Talk about language from RD
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A-Bright-IdeaHobbyist Filmographer
Lol, I'm just reading this and thinking "How Abbot and Costello would react to the age of smartphones". XD
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I thought it was "good for you".
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Indirective insults are the best directive! XD
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Spell-Caster-JadeHobbyist General Artist
Love the last part XD
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I was only 8 years old when I first learned what HWDP means
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I imagine this being in a comedy skit.
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I love it. XD
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