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Knight Strawberry lemonade

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She is a member of the Manehatten Contingent of Steelrangers. She was one of the first to side with Steelhooves outside stable 2 and became one of the Applejacks Rangers. Little Pip always found her cute and probably had a little crush on her. 
He design is based on the image made by :iconincognito: 
The armour is of my own design along with the red paintwork n her armour also. 
Fallout Equestria was written by kkat

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You will be missed, Paladin. You deserved to know what you were fighting to protect.

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Someone's a cute war machine
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My reaction while reading the fanfict:Ayyyyyy....
After reading the
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Gods speed soldier.
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I salute you.
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SL is the best ;]
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Manual-ControlHobbyist Artist
Her armor reminds me for the Brotherhood Outcast's armor. Needless to say, both look pretty badass.
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Applejack Rangers were the equivalent of the Outcast of the Brotherhood (but in the fic is inverse, as the AJ Rangers are the god ones), so the similarities are more than reasonable.
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MmquestdaGamer1Student Filmographer


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Ignis1163Student Digital Artist
Im not sure if I should be sad... or just... Duhhh! :)
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Lol! Strawberry! Yeah!
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Ponies in power armor. I love it!
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oh god she is adorable. Which makes it even worse that she had to die.
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You wouldn't believe how upset I was when I figured that out. Strawberry is one of my favorite side characters...


Awesome vector, well done! =]
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Paladin-FullMetalHobbyist General Artist
Too bad she died. ;-;
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Awww, she's soo cute! :love:
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Alexander-KrozzHobbyist General Artist
why hello Strawberry Knight Lemonade! I know who you are!
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Cooper31Hobbyist General Artist
On the outside: there's a fighting ruthless commando. But, on the inside...a cute pink strawberry scented pony!
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Looks good..... your armor vectors are really excellent. ...
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TeschkeHobbyist Digital Artist
Those are some vibrant colors for the wasteland but, nonetheless it fits all too well. I love the Applejack's Rangers decals!
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Well, as one of the original Applejack's Rangers, her initial paint would have come from Stable 2, so I could see the first batch of AJR armor being that vibrant and epic looking.
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ZaajonaStudent General Artist
I wanna snuggle her >U< But that would be a "teeny" bit hard ^-^"
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without her weapons, right? :P
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ZaajonaStudent General Artist
with her weapons it would be very hard so yes without her weapons
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