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Hurt again

By Vector-Brony
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Well I have some precious free time on my hands so this is one of two pieces I'm making. It's long overdue that I've made my version of Life Bloom and decided to include Pip, Velvet and Xenith in the picture as well. 

Fallout Equestria was Written by Kkat 


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Specifically what stuff do the medically good ponies carry in their bags ? Surely not simply bandages.

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You use Inkscape? How did you make them so well? Mine suck ass.

Vector-Brony's avatar

about 8 years of practice ^ ^

Kamen-Rider-Brony's avatar

Ah I really don't have that much time.

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"Yeah, but.....I gained a level sooo....there's that. I got the Perk 'Bloody Mess'!"

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ok this looks amazing :D

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"Right... and is that a cutie mark, or a tear in that incredibly lifelike mechanical leg?"

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Absolutely love the Medic pony vector. Awesome stuff!

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Nice, I always imagined him a bit with Blueblood/Shining's body build.

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Littlepip can’t help but ruin a doctor’s hard work by nearly dying out there.

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An Alicorn jumped them ? How're they still alive and in 1 piece ? I were made clear points Littlepip only has telekinesis and Velvet Remedy only knows healing. Plus Xenith is an Earth zebra.

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The Alicorn probably blustered on about how she managed to ambush the great Stable Dweller and began monologuing.

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Haha, I could see that happening.

Most definitely being up against an actual (or a created one through the pony version of FEV) Alicorn without bigger guns would be a death sentence otherwise.

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Is Xenith male or female ? Judging by pics on Derpibooru, male, but here he looks just like Zecora, the only known canon zebra, and female.

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Xenith is female. Her ancestors came out of Stable 3 which was a mixed Stable

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Oh, ok. Various pics on Derpibooru make her look more masculine than feminine.

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Ahh I may have an answer for that. She's a fighter and lived her life in the fighting Pits of Fillydelphia. She's had a hard life

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Yeah her coat speaks pretty clear language.

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Little Pip: Takes on the impossible and hates herself for being so weak. Also extreme drug addiction.

Black Jack: Throws herself into near death situations, take on some of the most f***ed up people ever, has both a drug and alcohol addiction, has sex with multiple partners, has been built up again. TWICE. Oh and also blames herself for being so weak.

Puppy Smiles: Is just fine.

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Yeah, Pip's got what they call in 'Fallout' small frame perk, and she should only know telekinesis, yet she tries to take on an Alicorn. From which surviving is either a miracle, or the Alicorn wasn't of that much threat.

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Great Job, as always!

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