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How it should have ended

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When I saw the war and the wasteland in the finale I immediately thought of Fallout Equestia. And little pip and her friends would be perfect to talk sense into Starlight Glimmer. 
 Fallout Equestria was written by kkat


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"It's okay if we don't exist. After what we've seen - what we've done - we're fine with a better world. Even if we aren't in it. Equestria doesn't deserve this."

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Misterhobo1212Hobbyist Digital Artist

Are you okay with me if I traced the non traced Starlight Glimmer vector? Don’t respond if it’s a no. Thank You :)

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Nenc-Dermawan-22Professional General Artist
What if the wasteland scene in The Cutie Re-Mark guest stars characters from Fallout Equestria? This would be the result!
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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seems like a really stupid idea on Equestria's part, to go to war with another nation right after fighting a war that took everything they had to win. Looks to me they brought that one upon themselves there.
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*cough* WWII Europe *cough*
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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, and that worked out great for Europe. Especially for Germany which became a war-torn occupied shell of its former self. At least the European countries waited 20 years before going at it again.
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Oh yeah I know, just pointing out that it's actually quite likely to occur.
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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, although this seems to have turned out worse for Equestria because of their tactical magic nuke. Probably due to the fact they had so few troops in comparison.
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*cough* WWII Europe *cough* 
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Technically they would still exist just not how we know them.
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This strip needs some music, starting once Littlepip speaks up in Panel 2.
Music Note Bullet (Light Pink) - F2UUndertale: An Ending Music Note Bullet (Green) - F2U 
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Holy crap the implications.
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Long ago i have ever dreamt, in the dream i'm in a big room in that room i see six ponies and that is Littlepip,Blackjack,Hired Gun,Puppysmiles,Sunburst and Starlight Glimmer they are sitting on a chair and around the table they are all talking to each other but i don't know what they are all talking about because i dare not to approach them so at that time I just saw them while leaning against the wall after that my alarm clock rang and woke me from that dream.

Whereas in the original story Fallout: Equestria Starlight and Sunburst are not there but in my dream they really existed and are still alive,Well that was a dream so not true.

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ShinMegamiTenseiShyStudent Artist
MLP Doctor Whooves (Pondering) Plz: Timey Wimmey
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Can you make another one but with the two of them running into Blackjack instead?
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Someone should make a comic dub of this.
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oh I just wanna hug pip after this >.<
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I kind wished they explored some more of these timelines or sometimes better yet some these times do actaully exist but in its own seperate universe. ^^ can you imagine alternate univerrse twilight or someone ending up in main universe trying track someone down or set something roght? Kind like dbz where trunks comes from both the future but his future exist in a seperate timeline or alternate universe even after fixing the past it did not fix his.
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kahnacHobbyist Writer
Plus there's that whole Mulitverse Theory to consider.........unless my personal theory that time-travel via a mystical/divine means is what can truly change history. Meh, who knows?
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I am really impressed. Great workLa la la la 
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RakuenGrowlitheHobbyist Writer
That would have been so cool!
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AndyofIndianaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, I would rather have season five end this way.…
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Lil Pip: You two have changed history
Spike: Hey standing right here
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jerzeyboy1995Hobbyist General Artist
That's how it really should've ended.
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