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Happy Celestia

By Vector-Brony
I've been watching the Leaked Season 8 stuff and this is one of the poses I really loved. And Don't worry I won't be making any spoiler vectors until season 8 officially releases 
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"did she just prance" - spike
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She's eaten quite a bit of cake.
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I know of the leaked episode that this is from and I loved it! I can't wait till that episode comes out on its intended airdate so we can get more vectors of Celly like this!
Thrush from Project Horizons?
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Great job hun <3
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Happy Tia is best Tia!
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Don't you love it when they frolic?
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It's not much of a spoiler for me; since it isn't part of the main season plot or anything. ^^;

Still, I love how expressive she looks! Definitely an improvement from the last couple seasons for sure. :D
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Celestia just rejoiced at the sight of millions of creepy Lunestia Clopfics being permanetly deleted
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Very happy and so Sun ^^
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Aww look at our previous sun go 
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Look at her go :XD:
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Adorable is it not?...Especially since this is the first time we ever see Celestia prancing around with such joyful feeling its almost as amazing as the times we saw her actually worrying about something and not to mention laughing out loud.
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Celestia: I'm so happy. Happy. Happy. :aww:
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:iconcelestiagrinplz: Somepony baked me a cake! 
MLP Emote Princess Luna Cute Face Can I have a slice Sister?
DayBreaker Icon 14 NEVER!!!!!
Princess Luna I see your obsession with cake is alive and kicking.
Munch EEYUP. 
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I believe that the creators are now improving their work in the next season I assume. :)
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Heehe, Cute. ^w^
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