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I loved the new episode and I really like the expansion of the Dragon mythos and having spike have a good episode where he shows what he's learned about friendship and passing it on to Ember. 
Oh and that scepter was awesome by a nightmare to make.

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The first thing I thought this was when I saw it was, "Is this a ripoff of Red from Spyro: A Hero's Tail?". Didn't realise it was from My Little Pony. The staff is what really made me think it was Spyro related. I haven't been watching a lot of Mlp related stuff lately, (gaming and Fanfiction writing are a whole lot more important to me in my life) but I'm glad that Spike got a good episode again! It brought watching the series again back to me, although I'm not sure if that's gonna happen, considering I have a LOT of responsibilities. (School work, preparation for moving house, (rent is too expensive where we are now) Fanfiction writing, gaming and more) I hope I can squeeze in more Mlp, but I'm not sure that's gonna happen. Hopefully it will.
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I believe she would be amazing for Spyro series than mlp <3 I wish ToysforBob could get the rights to own her character
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No. Not even close. We ALREADY have an Ember, and unfortunately, Spyro has a girlfriend. If ToysForBob purchased her, she would end up like a bunch of Spyro Pure Light characters and not get used and then eventually scrapped. She would have only one use in Spyro, and unfortunately that use is already taken, so she would have none. And this is from an unbiased view.
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Never said she was to be a girlfriend to Spyro and she could be of an other role than an love interested. But just a thought
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Just no. Only in fan material.
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I gotta say, she's cute. I hope to see her in the series more often, adding other dragons that are respectable as a character (ahem gargle ahem) just makes me smile for poor Spikey Wikey.
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looks good. and yeah o loved that they finally gave us a bit more on dragons. and that they showed some of he varity of their characters
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Yeah, I loved seeing more of the dragons and their culture :D :D

I will admit the episode was a bit rushed, but other than that I thought it was good :D

And boy... you really are the Vector brony---your drawings are so incredibly accurate! I try to be show accurate, but with things like wings it's hard. :( I applaude you for being so good at drawing show style :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Totally called the entire episode when I watched it XD haha, nice job
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i loved ember as well
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Love it and added to favorites
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I just found out that started the new season
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That scepter scares the Hell out of me :scared: revamp . As far as we know that thing can give ANYONE control over dragons. Regardless of how big or how smart they are. Which is not saying much being most of these young dragons act like the morons on Tosh.0. All it would take is Ember to just leave it somewhere for whatever reason and swoop. Now somepony or somebody has the ultimate force of nature at there command. This would make for a great plot point for anyone trying to do a Elder Scrolls My Little Pony fanfiction :happybounce: . The BIG question about this who would play each role? Since there have been 5 Elder Scrolls games. What pony or even another Equestria race would play the main protagonist? Since in Oblivion your just a poor sod who gets caught up in a plot to kill......Luna...or Cleastia? Which leads to a portal opening to Tartaraus and stuff goes down. In Skyrim who would play Alduin? Or some other dragon called "The World Eater"? Plus the werewolfs, thief's, cult assassins, civil war, hording, and of course. Thu'mes! La la la la 
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i love this dragon design
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too many Embers...
...cannot compute...
...shutting dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.............
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What exact color are her eyes? Can't tell. 
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I need to start watching season 6. I'm out of the loop big time! (being a new homeowner with a fixer-upper will do that to ya')
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has a cool scepter!
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