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EG Cutie mark Crusaders

This Was vectored from the Equestria girls trailer. I still think the movie will be awesome and I hope It dose not let us down. this was a tricky vector to do due to the lack of legs.
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Wow, I love this kind of stuff its hard to make a fullbody without reference I have vectors like that. I really love this vector but let me tell ya you have alot of errors try to fix them or some vector groups would blame you :S greate shadowing and remember to check your work before you uploade it to DA Vector Clubs Blame me because of that so yea oh and greate use of the color guide of mlp on the vector, I dont like EG but I love this beautiful vector of yours KEEP THE GOOD WORK DUDE
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What were the error? I would really like to know, to avoid them again.
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fixed and once again thank you
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no probs man we are to help not to attack ;) keep the good work
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This is quite a fantastic vector, considering you could not see the bottom half of the image I would say that you did it very well.
The technique and colour much resembles the original MLP FIM style, which means that it would be easier for a MLP FIM artist to repeat this style, but would take much more precision, I do say that this is quote an impressive image and encourage you to continue doing this style.
Excellent shadowing and vector work.
Overall, this is a very successful image!
It is good to know that at least some of the fellow Bronys are excited about this movie.
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I love how you did the drewing
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Wait... there aren't cutie marks in this world... Revamp - :confused: 
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They all look normal .O.
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Can I use this please? I will credit you.

Reason: I'm making a poster with Equestria girls in TF2 form 
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yes that is fine as long as you credit me in the description
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scootaloo is so adorable!
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Freshmen. Don't push them around. Everyone will not think you're cool. Everyone will think you're an asshole.
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Again, they were there just to use the school library's computer, they don't actually go to Cantyerlot High (although they DO live in the same city as the Canterlot High students).
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Heh heh... Chicken's doing the chicken dance xD
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They're still adorable haha
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This is amazing! It looks very good, and the only thing I will say is that Sweetie Belle's legs are a bit short.
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Do the scootaloo Dance!! :D
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Anybody else assume that the CMC's must be CHILD PRODIGIES to be in high school at their age?
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Must be freshmen?
Man-Child's avatar
I was thinking child prodigies.
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