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Daybreaker vs Nightmare moon


This episode was absolutely amazing! With the princesses getting a episode, Starlight changing their cutiemarks, Twilight music box and the amazing Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon fight. Hasbro youhave out done yourself this time

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It's like watching a Sukhoi Su-30 and a Eurofighter Typhoon dogfight ^^
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Such a great pic of the Royal Sisters’ dark sides battling out! I think this could be good battle music for them:…
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You know I just thought of something, with Daybreaker here, if anyone remembers the desolate future of Ponyville in the Cutie Remark Part 2, it is possible that Daybreaker created that future
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I have an idea for an episode. Eventually they both become Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker so Thorax gets help from all his hundreds of brothers and sisters to try to convince them to love each other again as siblings 
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Daybreaker: Hold, Sister! You and I are both grown mares. There's no need to fight each other to smithereens only to disappear when Starlight Glimmer wakes up. I challenge you... to a game of... TIDDLYWINKS!!!
Nightmare Moon: My favorite non-Hasbro game! Challenge accepted. 
Daybreaker: (clapping her hooves) Oh, GOODY! (squeaky schoolgirl laugh)
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Yeah I doubt that'll happen
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Only in our dreams, right? :)
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I keep looking at this and thinking "Oh no. the Phoenix Force has taken over Princess Celestia" lol
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I wish they put in a shot of Nightmare Moon's smile on mlp.wikia after she says - "You can't get rid of me so easily, sister. Unless you plan in SMILING me to smithereens! " and then she grins >:D I love that expression :)
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I really wish someone made this vector of NMM :3 (screencap, not mine):    by Micro-the-Autobot  
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Amazing artwork, man! Do you take commissions?
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nightmare moon looked a little bit like an anti hero in that episode, but she still has a wicked way to make others suffer.
ed way
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Oh I love it when they fight!
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How long until there's some fic involving Midnight becoming Daybreaker's student or with them shipped?
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Look at FiMFiction, it's likely already happened
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any MORE creepypasta/villain characters, Hasbro?
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this was an amazing episode :D
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It's about time, DHX.
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