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Capri (Capricorn) and Pisces (Project Horizons)

These are the Seapony sisters Capri and Pisces. They are members of the zodiacs who were normal ponies who lived in their village in galloping gorge.But one day they were attacked by killing joke which turned them into sea ponies. Why is this a bad thing? Well they were a long way from any kind of water and they nearly dried out and died. But they made it to a creek and made their way downstream till they were caught in the Hoofington reservoir. They were caught by the Society and put on display for people to gaze at. Finally Professor Zodiac rescued them saying it was wrong to treat them like this, Just because thy were strange.

Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons was written by Somber

Credit goes to 
:iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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Oh, very nice. :)
Wonderful job. :)
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I loved how Blackjack first meet these two.

Teach someone not to just jump into someone else's tub without asking.
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THIS SO CUTE! Do you take point commission of these Sea ponies?  I would be gladly love one :D
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Every time I think of them I think of how startled and panicked BJ was when she first met them x3 un-effective magic bullet
Vector-Brony's avatar
It was funny. Poor Capri, she got a face full of soot
Shogun-Nesto's avatar
Lucky for her it was weak enough just to form soot on her face and wash away while NoodleJack floundered about in the tub in a panic
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That's different ?
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Nice job here. Had no idea about these ponies.
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These look great!  ... I totally don't want one...  *steals*
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Hey! Bring her back! They don't like being put in fish tanks
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But- but- but they love me!  Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
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Well just make sure you don't tap the tank. It really upsets them.
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I just met these characters (Playing catch up)

I find them to be interesting in more ways then one.
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I love their expressions ;p
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Amazing seapony design! Ah!
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seahorses are in!
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I liked these two a lot in the fiction. They're pretty much my favorite of the Zodiacs.
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These guys look amazing. ..
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I love thier designs! :love:
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