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Blackjacks hangover

My ambulance placement is beginning to draw me rather thinly. I will be so glad to go home for the first time in too long for a little while to recover. Anyway I've wanted to make this one for a while. I love this scene after the battle of Flank when Blackjack is recovering from the night before and Caprice gives her The Price to drink. Those who remember the scene knows what will happen next. 
Caprice's design is inspired by the design on the wiki page for Project Horizons.

Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber


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am I the only one who wants a full comic strip of this whole scene???
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am i the only one who wants an entire comic of the whole book?

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...Because it's unhealthy to drink that much!
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This scene, and specifically Rampage's followup, is easily my favorite part of the entire story. "Show of solidarity" indeed.
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Bullet holes add a sense of character to it all :P
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I haven't read the story, but I've heard about blackjack. She seems....pretty intense as I've heard.
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"Waiter, there's a Radroach in my soup!"
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U C Blackjack? This is what happens when U abuse alcohol everyday.
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How many of those "The Price" did she down again lol
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I think it was three
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Who is the one with the black-and-read mane?
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The design on the wiki page is mine, actually! Caprice by StarryOak  
Unless something has changed, anyway.
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My apologies. I found this picture on the wiki page.…
 It was not my intent to offend 
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Oh no, I figured not! I just wanted to inform you! I love your art of FOE and when you use my designs, or are inspired by them!
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Ye gods, its been so long since I read that part! Poor Caprice though, her luck went to hell soon after.
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Ah one of the most wonderfully disgusting drinks in the world, may I never need your assistance. Looks great.
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Haha, great work on this scene :meow:
To be honest, I had some ideas for this scene some time ago, but I just forgot about it. So I am even more happy someone else did it :D
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I know dat feel blackjack. I once got so pissed drunk I pucked out my whole dinner XD
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And then RamPage Vomit on P21 backs :3
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