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Blackjack Volume 1-5 (SPOILERS!)

By Vector-Brony
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(Spoilers) With Project horizons and Somber giving us another Variation of Blackjack, I decided to show all her changes from Leaving the Stable to  fighting Cognitum on the moon.
In volume one we saw Blackjack in her Security barding from Stable 99.
In volume 2 she has her AGIS security barding and by the end of the volume its pretty much ruined and Blackjack is dying from taint and radiation poisoning.
In volume 3 she comes back as a Cyberpony with scout class legs and replacement organs and eyes.
In volume 4 she has a upgrade with enclave armour being used to build her new legs and re-enforce her body. By the end of the chapter she has a full upgrade which sees her in full body armour and even her face is replaced with armour and red eyes. 
In volume 5 We have Blackjacks body stolen by Cognitum and she is put into a Blank clone of herself.  Later on the moon she is exposed to a large amount  of moon dust which causes her eyes to glow and for her to have extra sensory perception. And in the battle of the Luna palace cognitum is defeated and Blackjack regains her old body which she has to share with Princess Luna's soul which has cause Blackjack to grow wings and her magical ability to increase. 
The design of the AGIS security barding made by :icontoasterrepairunit:

Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber


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She was pregnant in the story. What happened to the foal?
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Looking at this makes me want to read the entire story all over again.

It's sad, brutal and fucked up beyond imagination, but I will punch a bitch through a wall if anyone says it isn't epic. So long as they can prove they've actually read it, otherwise they're trolling.
terjerox's avatar
Dangit, these are some mad spoilers. Oh well just makes me more excited.
MLPstargear's avatar
Hey Vector, can I please use blackjacks gun in one of my videos? I would of course credit you.
Syketheassai's avatar
I'm re-reading the fic and i'm somewhere in volume 2 still on version 2. (not that long after revisiting stable 99). I can't remember the end details all that well, but version 6 is the definitive Badass Blackjack, just don't give her any Whisky if you want to wake up in one piece without the whole place in ruins.
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Can you make separate versions?
yttyr's avatar
Um... Why isn't her Hoofington Reapers hoofball barding on there? She wore that thing for ages in volume three.
Vector-Brony's avatar
Because I am not perfect and I forgot. 
yttyr's avatar
Well, okay then.
CharlyDasher's avatar
Damn it, Blackjack's cyberlegs is probably the second most quoted spoiler after Star War's "Luke, I am your father".
PclJm1n3r's avatar
Blackjack has always been badass
regularshowandsonic's avatar
are you able to draw a ghoul version of button mash?
gather-the-storm's avatar
well at least she got a longer horn in the end
kora-the-dragoness's avatar
Looking pretty good.

Not really sure why people are so fond of Blackjack though, seeing as she does things like feed ponies through rock crushers tail first and then brags about it.... meh.
Vector-Brony's avatar
Well he was trying to kill Blackjack at the time and he was trying to turn her to stone. 
kora-the-dragoness's avatar
Eh. Still don't think he deserved it. Then again, WHO deserves something like that anyway?

I like this though, you added in a lot of little details to the individual pictures, it's really nice.
jolliapplegirl's avatar
I always try to imagine how volume 1 Blackjack would react to seeing any of her future selves. All of them would look an security BJ and think 'goddess, I used to be that innocent?"
celticknight221's avatar
That fifth blackjack, I always find that version pretty! I'm sure she feels less like a pony and more like a machine, but she just looks so pretty.
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.....Ummm....just how insane does PH get? >_> I mean Alicorn Blackjack? Seems like Shoujo level of insane.
Sturmlion1's avatar
It gets nuts. Literally the wasteland throws everything under the sun at her and she survives. Beaten and broken, but she survives.
chadtheferret's avatar
Blackjack actually seems kinda lame :/
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And now all ya need to do is add the last one. (BIG EFFIN SPOILER) 
Vector-Brony's avatar
The wanderer of the wasteland I was happy with this end. and at least she's got Pip and Boo.
Dragon0380's avatar
And Rampage, I cried at the end and epilogue. Best story ever
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