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Angry Sweetie-Belle

Sweetie-Belle has some of the best expressions in the show. She was so ticked off with Rarity, that it was almost cute.

This was made using traces from MLP FIM
Credit goes to :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye:

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Used and credited  The Mean 6 + The CMC and Spike by RainbineEOI
I swear the more you zoom in the scarier she looks...
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Hey you can't prove that was me going in your underwear drawer! If I did Chris Hanson would already be here!
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Her expression is priceless.
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Yeah. Pretty much my reaction to how screwed up of a world we live in...
Only Sweeite Belle could simultanously look adorable and terrifying.
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I think I did not dare to meet her in a stare competition. O_O"
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Captures feeling perfectly.
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This freaks me out.
I am terrified.
This is her expression when she thinks of spike.GO BOTTONBELLE
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I thought she said,
What re you looking, lol
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I KNEW someone was going to make a vector of this expression as soon as I saw it! 
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"They think what they did was bad? Well, they have yet to see what I can do. I will have my revenge!"

--- Sweetie Belle, plotting payback, after the bullies took things one step too far.
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"How did a little filly do THAT?!" :fear:

--- Discord, upon seeing Sweetie's revenge plan in action.
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"That's easy! She used a tire iron, a tree trunk, several cans of paint, a box full of toilet paper, a barrel full of cider, a dozen fire works, a HYDRA, Spike, Angel the bunny, several mattresses, a cart full of clowns, DIY tools..." [Goes on for several minutes] "and says at the bottom of the list... a wafer thin mint. What I couldn't figure out is how that is suppose to collapse half a mountain at step 17, let alone turn houses upside down for step 5, or make sense of the Equestrian Tax-code for step 23."

--- Pinkie Pie, upon reading Sweetie Belle's extremely complicated, far-fetched, borderline Machiavellian revenge plans. Surprisingly enough, despite the complexity and collateral carnage, it worked spectacularly on the bullies.
Discord stared at the pink pony "You're not kidding, are you?"
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Pinkie Pie: "If I knew I'll tell you, Dissy!" [Looks back at Sweetie's convoluted diabolical revenge scheme in action] "Meanwhile, what do you think a fleet of Zeppelins has anything to do with an army of clowns in step 49?"
"Considering that filly's revenge scheme is crazier then I am, I wouldn't be surprised if it simultaneously was and wasn't."
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Now, I wonder how :icontrooper924: take of this?
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We may find out soon... ;)
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