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Deviation Actions

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How to join

To join Vector-Artists simply send a note with "Join" in the subject header, watch the club and you will be a member.

How to submit deviations

To submit vector or vexel art send a note with "Submissions" in the subject header. Instead of sending a link to your deviation, please provide the thumb code (It's in your deviation info and will look like this :thumb12345678:)

One piece per note and a limit of 3 notes per week per member.

:new: We ask that all members use this format to submit their art::new:

:Your thumb code:
Program used: Illustrator, Flash, Inkscape, etc.
Tools used: Blur, Mesh Gradient, etc.

This will save YOU and our Admins the process of figuring out how your piece was made. Thanks!

Do not send the same note/piece more than once.
We ask our members to please be patient. Once a note has been sent, someone will take care of it, but it may take some time.

What kind of work

We don't accept either WIP (work in progress), Before/After-Pictures or the like nor Auto-traced Pictures, Filter-Works or Vector/Vexel Look-a-likes!!! Thanks for your understanding!

Wanna chat

Please come join us in our brand new chatroom! Feel free to post thumbs, ask for critique or just hang around all day ;)

Gallery Moderators

Vector: Ikue & lemontea
Vexel: Jules1983 & shebid

Visit them to nominate Daily Deviations, ask questions about vector & vexels, and participate in events!!

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