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Deviation Actions

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How to join

To join Vector-Artists simply send a note with "Join" in the subject header, watch the club and you will be a member.

How to submit deviations

To submit vector or vexel art send a note with "Submissions" in the subject header. Instead of sending a link to your deviation, please provide the thumb code (It's in your deviation info and will look like this :thumb12345678:)

One piece per note and a limit of 3 notes per week per member.

:new: We ask that all members use this format to submit their art::new:

:Your thumb code:
Program used: Illustrator, Flash, Inkscape, etc.
Tools used: Blur, Mesh Gradient, etc.

This will save YOU and our Admins the process of figuring out how your piece was made. Thanks!

Do not send the same note/piece more than once.
We ask our members to please be patient. Once a note has been sent, someone will take care of it, but it may take some time.

What kind of work

We don't accept either WIP (work in progress), Before/After-Pictures or the like nor Auto-traced Pictures, Filter-Works or Vector/Vexel Look-a-likes!!! Thanks for your understanding!

Wanna chat

Please come join us in our brand new chatroom! Feel free to post thumbs, ask for critique or just hang around all day ;)

Gallery Moderators

Vector: Ikue & lemontea
Vexel: Jules1983 & shebid

Visit them to nominate Daily Deviations, ask questions about vector & vexels, and participate in events!!

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Do you Plan on having A Tumblr??
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What about if i use a texture above all my art work, the artwork is done all from vectors, that would be still considered....???
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Any time there is a raster element on your work it is a vexel: [link]

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oh boy, I was too late to read it all... I've already submitted my stuff without the information about program used and tool used :( owkay, maybe I'll send a second note to complete the information about my submission :ahoy:
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lol not a problem!
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About submitting...
i'm not really sure what you mean by thumb code i sent a note with a link to my deviation, is that ok?
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Thumbnails can be added by using either the thumbcode or shop notation (for prints). To display a thumbnail, you need to use the :thumb#: notation, where # is the number of the deviation in which you wish to display. For print thumbnails you would do :shop#: and replace # with the number of the print.

You can access these numbers by viewing the deviation or print which you wish to display in your journal. So for example, if you viewed the following deviation [link] , you will note the url ends with the number 7400861. So to display this deviation in thumb form you would simply type :thumb7400861:

You can also access a thumbcode directly via a deviation, by visiting the deviation you wish to display. Once there you will note a box entitled "Thumb" located, on the right hand side of the artist description area.


- =brgtt
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hey dear .... my work near is like a past comment but I Use not any brush ...Is it considered?
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I have a question. What if I drew a line art pic on paper, then I scan it into my PC, trace it into vectors and color it with bezier tool in Corel Draw. Is it considered?
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I would have to see it, but as you have described, it would be a vector, and more than welcome at our club!
splendidriver's avatar
I sent 3 of them in a note :)
vector-artists's avatar
I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the bezier tool, up untill that point I was with you ;) If the bezier tool is a brush then no if it is a form of pentool then yes :)
splendidriver's avatar
ah, it's a form of pen tool :D.
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