Correction! the winner(s) are:

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Contest voting is over :eager:
And the winner(s) are:
First Prize:
No Licking by sushy00
More from sushy00's gallery:
Lugio and Lugia by sushy00 JAX by sushy00 Friize by sushy00 vctr.ssh.2 by sushy00
Go check out the rest of the gallery as well - it's awesome!

Second Prize:
Sun Flower by CQcat
More from CQcat's gallery:
The Woods by CQcat Moon Bunny by CQcat Like A Flower by CQcat Snow Blossom by CQcat
Check her gallery out as well, primo stuff!

Third Prize:
Be the SUN by porshi
More from porshi's gallery:
Elegante by porshi daddy by porshi meow by porshi identity by porshi
She's a new comer to the vector field, but she's taking names and turning heads. Go see her gallery as well!

Congratulations! :clap:
Prizes will be given during the coming week!

Sliced Collab #1 is done

Vector-artists are proud to present our very first sliced collab:

A round of applause to the collaborators! :clap:

From the top:
1: ShatteredSwords…
2: komink…
3: lalalaiizaa…
4: artemisa-69…
5: porshi…
6: vector-artists :heart: you
7: a-rth-urp-hil-ipdenu a-rth-urp-hil-ipdenu.deviantar…
8: totallyblack…

Amazing Stock Photo:… by nothingreal0

Sliced Collab #2 is comming soon - if you have any suggestions on what reference we should use leave a comment in this journal! :w00t:

It Could Be Yours..

Dear Members,
It has come to our attention that a website is displaying vector wallpapers from dA - a lot of the works are from our gallery.

We would like you all to go check the website out to find out if your art has been put up there without your permission. Please let us know if it has.

When we know how who has been ripped and how many pieces this involves we will notify dA and follow this up until we are satisfied no one is being treated unreasonably.

You are welcome to contact him/her/them on your own of course, but don't turn this in to a hate-march! We can settle this in a civilized matter. We'll keep the matter on the books til June 25th to give everyone ample time to get back to us with whatever they find. Please send us your notes entitled ART Theft in order for us to distinguish your comments from the plethora of other comments and notes. Thanks guys!

- Asher-Bee and LineBirgitte


Sliced Collab #2
Comming soon! :eager:

Sliced Collab #1 (done!)
Start: 27th of april, end: 27th of may.
Sliced Collab no1 by vector-artists

credit to vexelove and hypocoristicon for the original idea!
If you have an idea for a collab or are starting one yourself please tell us about it, so we can pimp it up and tell our members about it!

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Thanks so much for organizing this contest!! I felt so lucky to be part of it!! It was such a challenging and fun experience, not to mention the great prizes!! The sweetest =pixelledanddead surprised me with a 3 month subscription!! The awesome =brgtt made me this cutest icon!! I am so happy right now,haha. :dance: hugs :hug: for everyone!