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The Vision

Vector-Artists is a club for vector and vexel artists. We have a strong focus on promoting our member's work and providing many fun projects and resources to create a strong community for vector and vexel artists to unite. Please take a look around, and check our member gallery for great art. Make sure you look through our journals for features, spotlights, contests, resources, forums and much more!!!

Don't be afraid to leave a note, tell us what you think, and share your vector and vexel thoughts with us!!

Club Administrators

Full club priveledges
CSS articles, interviews, contest admin, features (Id like to do a weekly, and if we can pull it off, every few days, or everyday), new ideas, news stories, tutorials, chat admin, double vote in contests, recruiting.
An admin can take part in any of the above activities, or have input on new activities, as long as they are within dA's rules, and approved by a majority of other admins.
If an admin wants to step down from their duties, they will become Senior members, with lifetime double vote, feature nominations, and article submissions (with admin approval) to our journal or news.

Each Director or Admin must sign their names on comments to help keep things strait. Each induvidual is responsible for their own quarrels, although if technical in nature, or relating directly to vector or vexel, all governing agents of the club may enter opinion.


Club Directors

Mid level priveledges
A Club Director can be promoted to admin with nomination and majority admin approval.
Vector Deluxe nominations, new member welcome, recruitment, working with admins for all levels of contest, news, interviews. Scouting and talking to other members and non-members of the vector and vexel communities. submitting, journal enhancements (polls, blog), articles (approved by admins), commissions.


Senior Members

Specific club duties, low level access.
Senior members  can scout, nominate selections for a vector deluxe, double votes on contests. Can submit news for club through Directors or Admin. Promotes a heathly evironment and moral within club activites and journals.
respect and accountability are key.


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Umm..I sound so stupid but...what is a vector?
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Vector Art

Vector Art is a technique, meaning art created in a vector-based program. Vector art is the use of primitives such as Points, Lines and Curves. The vector programs keeps track of the relationship between these primitives. This allows the images created, to be scaled and rescaled without loosing quality or becoming pixelated. This is in opposition to "raster (or bitmap) graphics" which is an image represented by a collection of pixels. These pixels if scaled above 100%, will degrade and loose quality.

Popular vector programs are: Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, and Flash (and the free inkscape). Almost everything created with these programs is considered a vector piece. I say "almost" because there are exceptions to every rule. If your vector piece combines raster and vector images then I'm sorry to tell you but it is no longer a vector piece (and subsequently does not belong in the vector gallery). Example: If you finish your vector piece and realize after exporting it to a more web friendly version, you think it is lacking something. So you take it into photoshop and apply a simple texture to the surface of the piece just to give it a little something extra. This is no longer a vector piece, and should be posted to the "Digital art > Mixed media", gallery. Like wise if you take this raster texture image into illustrator and just apply a layer style (multiply, screen etc.) this is still not a vector piece. The common factor in these two equations is the raster texture. Since this texture cannot be scaled above 100% this makes the vector technically useless beyond that raster images original size. That being said don't think you are unable to add texturing to a vector piece. Most of these programs come equipped with detailed pattern swatches, textured brushes, and even the ability to "Live trace" which does as it's name implies, traces a raster image and turns it into a vector graphic.

Just to reiterate my point and to ensure there is no confusion here is a list of generally considered Raster Bases programs: Photoshop, Painter, MS Paint, and a great free alternative Gimp. Basically everything created with these programs is considered a Raster image. I say use a clause simply because a few of these programs are capable of creating images with points, lines, and curves just as a vector program would. Photoshop for instance can create vector based images, however these are typically considered "Vexels" because of the fact that Vexel artists typically incorporate brush strokes into their images (for hair, etc.). Speaking of brushes. Just because you have downloaded and installed a brush set for photoshop or any other of the aforementioned raster programs that have the word "vector" in the title, does not deem your image a vector piece. These brushes come in different sizes and no matter how high a resolution they may come in, they still cannot be scaled above their 100% mark without loosing quality.

To put it simply "Vector is not a "style" like Anime, but a "medium" like charcoal. Asking what vector-art looks like is like asking what an oil painting looks like. It could look like Rembrandt, Picasso, or a fifth grader's fingerpainting."
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Crap. I use Photoshop and Gimp. thanks for your help. I get it now.