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I love ballet. I danced since I was three years old until I was 27, and then, after kids I did it again for about four years in my thirties. I am over four decades now and still wished I was dancing. And I will, one day. You're never too old. I love drawing ballerinas because I love ballet so much and are always looking for good ideas to draw.

I like my recent ballerina because it's her back. I usually draw front or side and this one was a challenge to me. Especially the shoes. The shoes, which I think look beautiful in my final version, are my favorite thing. I like to be able to get some sort of physical feeling when I draw. I don't know, sometimes it all feels wrong, but sometimes it is just right, that's how I feel about this one's shoes.

I also tried a different tool this time and I moved the setting of the blur tool to have it very, very small and be able to control color better. 

And then there's the bar. I didn't know what to do about the bar. I ended up doing five rectangles, each one changing color to show three dimensionality. I'm pleased with it. It makes me happy.

Would love to get some love!
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Submitted on
May 28, 2018