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Hunger Feeds the Beast...

"I met my beast during the Hecatomb ritual...
I will never forget the sound of the chains, connected to every Kindred around me, sucking each and every drop of their feelings, thoughts and senses...
The beast was feeding from my derangement... Mirror-touch synesthesia... A gift and a curse at the same time...
I cried and screamed, begging it to let go of the chains, but it never did... It never does... And it hurts... It hurts so much..."

Demi was my VtM character in season 3 of our LARP team.
She was a Malkavian, suffering from "mirror-touch synesthesia". 
This was an actual scene where the ST described my beast and I got goosebumps, because it was EXACTLY like I imagined it myself!
So, I decided to make a (rough and quick) digital painting of that moment.
Hope you like it! 
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