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Paleo-Art: A Kings Last Hunt

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After many days of hard work, I give you my second portfolio piece. This one focusing on a young adult T. Rex committing to his final kill, an edmontosaurus, before transitioning to a life of mostly scavenging and stealing kills from younger members of his own kind. I based the colors of the Rex on an Asian Water Monitor, and the Edmontosaurus was based on a black and white Tegu Lizard. I was going to give the rex feathers, but by the time I got it done, I just decided it wasn't either worth it nor necessary. So yes, he is rather scaley. 

Just penned a big ol' journal rambling about the above scavenger comment. Have a look if you wish.…


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TimTheDragonRiderHobbyist Traditional Artist
You know, I absolutely adore this artwork! Great job!
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OviraptorusHobbyist Digital Artist

let's just hope that edmontosaurus doesn't kill him first! love the motion and accuracy of this piece.

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anthon500Professional Digital Artist
Really cool! Interesting to see a potentially realistic depiction of hunting behaviour. Bravo!
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Your artwork is fantastic and definitely to be held in high regard but I disagree with the notion that an adult Trex (unless it’s fairly elderly) would resort to a life of “mostly” scavenging and theft , there’s no reason to believe it’d be incapable of pursuing prey when it’s a mature animal even slightly past its prime.
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kingrexyHobbyist Digital Artist
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shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
A lot of paleoartists use the color of other animals for their own creatures. I've yet to wait for an original colour :(
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
TyrannosaurusLives00Hobbyist Artist
How do you mean? Original as in they just came up with it completely on their own, or as in not copy-pasted from another animal?
shockaLocKer's avatar
shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
Both. I find this method of using a pre-existing animal's color to be applied onto an extinct one a very uncreative process, and I would like to see a lot of original colors not found on modern animals.
kingrexy's avatar
kingrexyHobbyist Digital Artist
not really, it might be uncreative but it actually is a very intelligent method.
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
TyrannosaurusLives00Hobbyist Artist
 If an animal fills a similar niche in a similar environment, it kinda makes sense to give them a similar coat.
shockaLocKer's avatar
shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
But it's NEVER exactly identical colors. To make it similar would make it more perceivable -  but slapping on the exact, EXACT color of the animal reference with the exact same spots for colors is questionable.

Animal color coats repeating again in the same precise colors in nature is rare (excluding animal mimicry)

Edit: Yes, I'm very aware your colors are not identical as the references you used, and I'm a little more faithful for that... but it still just etches over against my personal thought <_>

I guess it's because I see so many others do it
TyrannosaurusLives00's avatar
TyrannosaurusLives00Hobbyist Artist
What colors?
shockaLocKer's avatar
shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
Muhh.. maybe I've said too much <_>
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Braindroppings1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work :)
DANCER9op's avatar
DANCER9opStudent Digital Artist
Absolutely love it.
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XiphactinusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Good work! I agree that adult Tyrannosaurus is rarely hunted. He'd be too big to rely on an ambush, and he couldn't have been fast enough. I, too, think, that he often picked up carcasses hunted by other predators. With such size, strength and aggression, it won't be very difficult. Although, of course, he also could easily cope with an adult Edmontosaurus or Triceratops, of course, if it have time to catch them before they escape. And I like that you showed the hunt for big game. In some cases, predatory sauropsids cope with the victim which much more massive than itself.
alienator65's avatar
alienator65Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Digitigrade animals even of that size would still be able to sneak up on an animal of a similar size.

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A animal as big as T. rex can’t survive off of carcasses alone. Think about it, what are the chances a T. rex will ever stumble upon a freshly killed dinosaur completely intact and there’s nobody else eating it? If anything, a T. rex would be lucky if he found a carcass with ANY meat on it at all. A adult T. rex had to eat a whopping 326-571 kg of meat per day. A 13 ft tall 9 ton animal needing to eat 1,258.8 pounds of meat every day cannot sustain itself on carcasses that are usually already eaten by other predators alone. It will eventually starve.

Another thing, why would a lowly scavenger not only be built like a tank but have eyesight far greater than a human’s, sense of smell strong enough to detect prey from miles away, and possess a bite force strong enough to crush bone? Sure, you can argue that those senses are supposed to find dead things but here’s the truth: Muscular body, excellent eyesight, great sense of smell, and a powerful bite indicated T. rex hunted other animals, but not just any animal. T. rex specialized in taking down large armored herbivores such as Triceratops and Ankylosaurus. Why would a T. rex have a huge thick body built for fighting and have a bite force ranging from 8,000-12,000 lbs square inch if it’s only going to use maybe a quarter of that strength to rip flesh from a carcass? It is only logical that Tyrannosaurus had to hunt and kill animals for food.

Now, did T. rex occasionally chow down on carcasses when live prey was scarce? ABSOLUTELY. Most predators today are opportunistic and will occassionally scavenge dead animals if live prey isn’t available. My conclusion is this: T. rex was both a hunter and a scavenger.
Pendragon276's avatar
There’s no reason an adult Trex would “rarely hunt” that doesn’t make much sense , it takes too many presuppositions and puts too many constraints on how ambushing works to come to the conclusion “well it can’t hide so guess it needed to scavenge more often”. It’s not about how big you are , it’s about how you approach stalking your prey. Big animals are quiet contrary to popular belief and should an animal as big as a rex stay still in a line of foliage or even behind a tree it’ll be more than capable of ambushing should it stay out of the line of sight of whatever its targeting.
IndoraptorOrionfan19's avatar
IndoraptorOrionfan19Student Traditional Artist
It makes sense, I mean...elephants weigh up to 3 or 6 tons, yet they don't stomp the ground when moving, I guess the same would apply to the Tyrannosaurus Rex ( it's my favourite dinosaur btw )
MBtooth's avatar
MBtoothHobbyist Digital Artist
Adult Tyrannosaurs were actually Primarily Hunters. There is fossil evidence from it, like a Triceratops healed from a Frill wound and an Edmontosaurus survived a Tail Bite from a Fully Grown Rex, But they were also scavengers. I would say that this isn't the Tyrannosauruses last hunt, but it would probably be one of his most Delicious hunts.
Anyway, this is one of the Best Tyrannosaurus hunting drawing I have ever seen! Great Work!
Dinosaurguy10's avatar
Dinosaurguy10 General Artist
rex tail sausage
Spinosaurus14's avatar
That isn't the tip of the tail, look closely, the tail bends towards the background, you can see the actual, pointy tip.
DinoswarsRAwesome's avatar
DinoswarsRAwesomeStudent Traditional Artist
Thicc tail on the rex. I liek
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