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VClouds Weather Icons

By VClouds
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These icons were created for my Rainmeter weather skins VClouds Weather 2 and VClouds Weather 2 - Big Edition. the icons are numbered according to

The icons are free to use for Non-Commercial use.
If you use these icons with your 
Non-Commercial work please credit me and put a link leading back to this page.

***Not to be used for commercial use without permission!
If you want to buy the icons for commercial use --> please send me a note (Go here and click the 'Send a Note' button on the top right)***
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thanks very good

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These icons look great!! Is there any "How to use document anywhere?". Sorry I am new to this.

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You can use these with rainmeter skins that use as a data source just by replacing the existing icons folder with these or use it with any weather source and rename the icon file names to match the coding.

If you just want a rainmeter weather skin that uses these icons you can use my VClouds Weather 2 skin:

VClouds Weather 2
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спасибо тебе добрый человек)

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I mean it doesn't work.

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Not workin. Help please.

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Best looking icons around! They are by far the best.
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Really great work.
Is it still for free? I know that i'll have to make a link back.
I will use them in a privat weahter portal.
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Hi, can I resize your icons?
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would love to see them animate :)
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I would like to use these icons for magic mirror (a raspberry pi project). Can you tell me how to get them?  Thanks.
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You can get the icons with the download button on the top right.
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Hi, can I use these icons for a non commercial weather wunderground project in the ipsymcon applikation?

Thanks, Ringo
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Sure, if its a non commercial/non profit project then you can use it.
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Thanks for sharing. Fantastic graphics. Makes my little home weather Pi look very professional!
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VClouds Weather - 3Days works great. I am wondering if there is a way to get it to curve to the left instead of the right?
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It wont download , says page not found? How do i download the individual images? 
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Hi all, these are great icons!  I used them in my recently published Android app (with a link back to this page on the About screen).  Check it out and let me know what you think!…

Also VClouds, how long did it take you to make icons that look as nice as these ones?
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