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VClouds Weather 2

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Published: September 12, 2010

A weather skin with attention to details...

IMPORTANT - This skin requires Rainmeter v4.3.1 or higher

• Up to 7 day forecast provided by The Weather Channel.
• Available in 20 languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Tamazight, Slovak, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Finnish, German and Hebrew.
• Moon phase - a small moon phase image with additional info that can be toggled in the settings and a big moon phase integrated in the night time weather image.
• Includes 9 vertical and 3 horizontal variations.
• Additional tooltip information for the forecast days (put the cursor over the weather forecast icons).
• New panel for selecting forecast days and opening various options.
• Very easy to customize (colors, fonts, etc) with the Rainmeter skin config tool.
• Semi transparent background (You can change its color and opacity or disable it completely).
• Support for Aero Glass (Blur) - only on Windows 7 / Vista.

* all the graphics, buttons and the moon and weather icons were created by me. if you want to use the icons look Here and read the description.

• To change the settings open the panel with the upper right button and click the gear shaped button on the left - the settings utility will open (be aware that the horizontal variations has their own settings utility and you will need to change it separately).

• Location - There are two ways to obtain your city's location code:
1. Go to
Search for your city.
Look at the long number at the end of the resulting URL.
for example searching for London, England will give us this URL:…
So the LocationCode for London would be 7517a52d4d1815e639ae1001edb8c5fda2264ea579095b0f28f55c059599e074
Copy the value that comes up for your city and paste it in the skin like instructed below.
2. Another method is the old 8 digit code. To find the code for your location go to search for your city.
when in your city page, copy the 8 digit code (for example New York - USNY0996).

After copying your code by one of the methods above, click the button on the upper right corner of the skin to open the panel and click the Settings button, select 'LocationCode' and paste the code replacing the old one - click Set.

• To change the language click the upper right button. click the Settings button on the panel. in the Settings
box scroll down to Language, select it, type your language (for example Italian) and click Set.
• the 7 day forecast + 3 horizontal versions can be selected via the new panel (the numbers on the panels).
• Click the ? button on the panel to read further instructions.

Those who want to translate this skin to their language, simply open the panel with the upper right button, click the question mark (?) and read the instructions.

* If you have fully translated VClouds Weather 2 to your language please share it and I will add it in the next update.

• 13.4.2011 - Added Aero Glass (Blur) support (available only for Windows 7 and Vista. also added a background transparency option - use the settings utility to control both options.
• 4.7.2011 - Integrated new images of the moon phases into the current weather and tonight forecast images and removed the old small ones + minor changes.
• 1.8.2011 - Added an option to change the background color.
• 22.8.2011 - Multiple Updates:
a) Now the language can be easily switched via the settings utility (16 Languages are included).
b) Added more information to the detailed data and moon phase sections, it changes every few seconds.
c) a New Yahoo Weather variant (available for 1day forecast).
d) Changed the font to support more languages.
e) New loading screen.
f) Many small changes and fixes.
• 28.8.2011 - Fixed 'New Moon' phase image not showing in the Yahoo variant. Added moon elongation to the sun info.
• 31.8.2011 - Added Italian language thanks to DRACOVINIA74, added latitude and longitude to the Yahoo variant + small fixes, fixes to some of the translations.
• 5.9.2011 - Added additional tooltip information for the forecast days. fixes to translations.
• 8.9.2011 - Fixes to translations + minor fixes.
• 10.9.2011 - Fixes to translations.
• 16.9.2011 - Added Hungarian language thanks to Csige.
• 24.9.2011 - Added Portuguese language thanks to fabianopinheiro.
• 4.10.2011 - Added Tooltip info to the small moon phase icon. added moon elongation to the horizontal variations.
• 5.10.2011 - Added a shine effect around the background frame that subtlety changes color depending on the weather (can be turned off in the settings).
• 8.10.2011 - Fixes to the Shine effect.
• 11.11.2011 - Fixed wind speed showing N/A in the forecast tooltips.
• 21.11.2011 - Small fixes to the translations.
• 29.11.2011 - Added Spanish language thanks to EyesWolf.
• 4.12.2011 - Increased moon data update rate by request of Benjam Welker of
• 14.12.2011 - Added Serbian language thanks to xtrinity1.
• 13.1.2012 - Small code cleanup which hopefully fixes some of the problems people are having with the skin not fully loading. ( recent screw up)
• 4.3.2012 - Minor fixes to the Hebrew translation.
• 28.3.2012 - Italian translation fix and a few overall fixes.
• 6.4.2012 - Added a width setting to the moon details line for languages with long words.
• 19.4.2012 - Fixed a small compatibility problem with the latest RM 2.3 beta (thanks to smurfier).
• 16.5.2012 - Added Czech language thanks to Ejmin.
• 4.6.2012 - Fixed moon data issues caused by rainmeter 2.3 beta r1434.
• 16.6.2012 - Fixed a line height issue in the Today/Tonight Forecast. Added tooltips to all the weather description lines.
• 17.8.2012 - Fully updated the skin to match the glasses suit.
• 3.11.2012 - Added the Slovak language thanks to sspooky13.
• 8.3.2013 - Fixed 9th day forecast not showing (fixed by Archange2009)
• 8.4.2013 - Added the Bulgarian language thanks to WeeD0x
• 3.11.2013 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing thanks to josey-wells, fixed some vertical alignment problems.
• 9.12.2013 - Added a full translation for the Finnish language thanks to 80shark
• 20.1.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up again. thanks to josey-wells.
• 22.1.2014 - Fixed the substitute errors in the log. added Wind Gust info.
• 9.3.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up yet again. thanks to josey-wells and 1for-matik.
• 13.3.2014 - Fixed some log errors thanks to josey-wells.
• 8.4.2015 - Fixed Moon info thanks to benjamwelker. fixed day forecast not showing after midnight. added the Ukrainian language thanks to t1Hb. added sunrise/sunset time in 24h thanks to hw2015 for the code (to use it, enter English 24h instead of English in the language settings). many small changes and fixes.
• 14.5.2016 - Replaced the non functional xml feed. Removed the skin.
• 25.1.2020 - Major rewrite of the skin after shut down their xwdata feed. now using the website itself for info.
Thanks to jsmorley for providing his easy to use weather template:…
Had to remove a couple of forecast days and some detailed weather lines but overall everything should function about the same. also check the Help.txt for updated instructions.
• 26.1.2020 - Added additional explanations about changing the weather codes to Help.txt as suggested by Omni-Brain. added the Dutch language thanks to muisron.
• 28.1.2020 - Re added UV Index. fixed Aero blur (Win7). Added Romanian and Catalan languages.

:iconfediafedia: :iconjsmorley: :iconsgtevmckay: :iconxxenium: :iconbenjamwelker:

Translations provided by:
Polish sakej
French NickoLef
Russian Anegin13
Hungarian Csige
Czech Ejmin
Portuguese fabianopinheiro
Spanish EyesWolf
Tamazight Ya2sine
German MissPauline
Serbian xtrinity1
Slovak sspooky13
Bulgarian WeeD0x
Finnish 80shark
Ukrainian t1Hb
Dutch muisron
Romanian ruby2hora
Catalan lluiscg

The skin is featured in…

Please update to the last version of the skin before posting about problems.
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No longer working, and clearing cookies and cache did not work except log me out everywhere.

.. Did uninstall Internet Explorer recently, who the hell wants that.


Might have something to do with the site, try going to

Some serious devious crap going on with those cookies, if u click the privacy thing. I think if you just want the weather, they won't allow you, without them digging deep into every aspect of your life for it.

.. I hate the future.

Aszta1977los's avatar
Aszta1977losNew Deviant

Hi there!

Unfortunately your rainmeter skin stopped working. I tried with several location codes, but still doesn't work. Do you know why? Thanks

shaneh445's avatar

Worked for me as well! Any ideas what would cause this?

VClouds's avatar

This issue just popped up on my pc.

I manage to fix it by clearing internet explorer cookies and temp files like Wrathman wrote below and its also explained here:

I had to repeat the process a couple of times and refresh the weather because some of the files kept reappearing... another option is maybe closing rainmeter before deleting the files.

Wrathman's avatar
WrathmanHobbyist Filmographer

ccleaner and other options didn't work for me, but this did:

Control Panel -> Internet Options/Properties -> Delete Browsing History -> uncheck the option to preserve favorites, then check all the others to delete everything -> Delete

Mach85's avatar

CCleaner = Nope!

Any other ideas?

dameiji's avatar

Thank you !! ccleaner fixed it . (^^♪

Galeon76's avatar
Galeon76New Deviant

ok after cleaning :D

DRACOVINIA74's avatar

it still doesn't work for me, I followed the links and ccleaner and also clean from pc but nothing ... only the moon phase works :cries:

mizhopsing's avatar

CCleaner didn't work for me either for whatever reason. But I found another comment that going directly into IExplorer (which is under 'Windows Accessories' in Win 10), and doing what it says in this comment worked for me, partially:

" I just opened IExplorer (on Windows 10), went to Tools->Internet Options, and on the General Tab under Browsing History hit the Delete Button. Leave all the options at their defaults and hit the Delete button again. VClouds Weather 2 works perfectly again. No need to install CCleaner just for this fix. "

I've done this twice now-be sure to close Rainmeter when you delete IE cache- and I'm currently getting one or the other half of my skin back. First it was the forecast that showed up, now it's only current conditions... unfortunately refreshing the skin makes it stop working again. *sigh* It's progress though!

kwitsi's avatar

it worked - thanks for the information

jimmydean420's avatar

yep ccleaner fixed it

jimmydean420's avatar

ya this no longer work for me on my main rig its not displaying anything except the moon phase image nothing else but on my laptop its working fine so i tried exporting it to my main rig and did not fix it even tried reinstalling rainmeter still not fixed are there anything in the registry i need to reset/delete to fix this

LimeyCanuck's avatar

For anybody who's VClouds Weather 2 stopped working recently, you might have heard that running CCleaner will fix it. It will, but you can accomplish the same fix by clearing the cache from IExplorer itself instead of relying on CCleaner to do it. Clear the cache and VClouds Weather 2 will work fine again.

muisron's avatar

This works for me! After clearing the cache of IE, vCoudsWeather shows the icons again.

danielemilio20's avatar
danielemilio20New Deviant

Thanks for all!

VClouds's avatar

There seems to be a weird issue with the weather info that stopped working for some but not others.

In the rainmeter forums someone suggest doing windows cleanup with CCleaner and that seems to fix it. I don't experience any issues so I cant test this:

areoborg's avatar

That worked. Weird. Thank you

evazerodark's avatar

it work like a charm!!!

kwitsi's avatar

Not working here also


Not enough substrings

RegExp matching error (-1)

RegExp matching error (-8)

hope, this info helps...

Grory33's avatar

Not working here either :|

Pauley57's avatar

My weather and clock with weather has stopped working. Any clue as to when they will be fixed. My family relies on them

areoborg's avatar

Stopped here too. Might be weather source related, since a different skin that uses the same info went out at the same time.

johnhnhn1's avatar
johnhnhn1New Deviant

Stopped working for me. Location code: USNM0004

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