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VClouds Weather


This is an old version. For a fully updated version of this skin check out VClouds Weather 2 and my new Glasses theme.

My first Rainmeter skin - a detailed vertical weather skin.
it includes 3 sets with 8 skins each, that shows weather conditions - from current weather to a full 9 day forecast from

To change the weather to your city location right click the skin, click edit skin, scroll down to Location and read the instructions.

* The Today/Tonight line is taken from Shivaism's Large Clean Weather skin.…

- Make sure to read the instructions ;)
- Also check this video that I found for easy installation instructions…

13.12.2011 - Temporary fix for the update issues. everything should work except for the last forecast day in the 9 days variant.
3.11.2013 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing thanks to josey-wells.
20.1.2014 - Fixed Tonight forecast not showing up again. thanks to josey-wells.

German version translated by MissPauline can be found here…
Russian version translated by Lukunder can be found here
Portuguese version translated by Armaru can be found here…
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Any chance you can get this working. I see you've got Vclouds Weather 2 working but I've always used and loved the minimilistic look of version 1. Thanks

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Getting this version up and running takes a full rewrite of the skin.

You can achieve a very similar look to version 1 with version 2:

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Hi, apologies. I've figured it out and edited it. As you can see i'm a massive fan. Thank you for your amazing work!

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very nice skin...thanx

VClouds 2 works fine with the new update:

VClouds Weather 2

But this version looks much better than VClouds Weather 2 ;)

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Agreed. V2 does not mesh well with transparent overlays. Please update V1, the design is much cleaner and looks better without borders.

wxdata is no longer supported. Do you have an updated widget using another api?


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have you found any alternative to

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this does not work anymore is there a fix?

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Why the codes not working anymore to show weather?
Great skin using this older version in TECH-A. Any help would be great!  Weather.ini listing has following..
;-- WEATHER ICONS -- folder Path for the weather icons and their size.
But there is no listing for folder path?  Also get constant error messages in log for .png images or icons.
Could someone assist, with link to image/icon pack for this and location to place them!  Greatly appreciated.
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Hey beautiful skin, hoping someone can help me im using he simple variant, my issues is when i try to move the temperature ie 12C or 12F to the left it cuts of some of the text, is there a way to increase the size of the box or a way to move it without the text cutting off thanks in advance 
This is my favorite weather addon for Rainmeter:)
I wish it was animated :)
I also tried to change the colors of the texts and the thing went crazy on me, so i left it
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this one look better than v2
I completely agree
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Just in case anyone is still looking for a fix to the "one day ahead" problem, I found a workaround. It's slightly fussy, but it fixes the dates.

In the .ini file, look for the heading called [Meterdate+#] (1 = tomorrow, 2= the next day, etc)
Under that you'll see:
MeasureName=MeasureDate+# (same number as the heading)

You need to change the number in the second line to be one less than the first, i.e. change MeasureDate+2 to MeasureDate +1, change MeasureDate+3 to MeasureDate +2, and so on.

So it will look like this:

Save, refresh the skin, and that should fix the rest of the dates so they match with the current calendar.
Unfortunately it removes the date from beneath the Tomorrow heading (using +0 instead of +1), but everything else syncs up, and that's what matters.

I hope that helps some people!  
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oi, thanks alot !
this one look better than v2
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And how to set up your city in it?
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Followed the directions and cannot seem to get the weather to show :(
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This version is outdated. you can use version 2 if you want:…
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Thanks, I managed to get it working.  Turns out changed their rss feed so instead of just needing the location I replaced the entire url link. 
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