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VClouds System

By VClouds
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The Glasses skin suit is available here: [link]

This is the system counterpart of my weather skin [link]

This skin requires Rainmeter 2.1 or higher [link]

• Includes monitors for: CPU, Memory, 4 Drives, Network, Recycle Bin, Gmail and a Music Player.
• Panel for opening various options easily.
• Semi transparent background (You can change its color and opacity or disable it completely).
• Shine effect that changes color depending on CPU usage.
• Support for Aero Glass (works only on windows 7 and Vista).

* All buttons and graphics were created by me.

Click the button on the upper right corner of the skin to open the panel and click the Settings button.
In the settings utility you need to fill the following fields for the skin to work properly:

Music players (AIMP, Foobar2000, MediaMonkey, MusicBee, iTunes, WinAmp, WMP and more) - Full list here: [link]
Download/Upload speeds (use google to convert to bits)
Drive letters (For example C: )
Gmail user and password
You also have a lot of customization options in there ;)

• 1.8.2011 - Added an option to change the background color.
• 8.10.2011 - Big update:
1) Changed font to match VClouds Weather 2
2) Added Shine Effect
3) Tooltips for up to 8 CPU Cores % usage, visible by placing the cursor over the Processor section (see Help file for instructions)
4) Used Memory and Swap info added
5) Gmail - added a notification sound that plays when a new message is received
6) Lots of tweaks and fixes
• 10.4.2012 - A few fixes and changes, some cosmetic changes.

poiru [link] - borrowed elements from his great skins.
fediaFedia [link] for the Rainmeter skin config.

See it in action - [link]
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Hello VClouds,

First off, let me say this a awesome theme! Don't use all the components, but I did mix them & edit to fit my needs and code & settings features are awesome and easy to use and adjust.
New to editing Rainmeter skins, and came across an unique situation that would make my slideshow awesome. My current background pic has a PC monitor in it and it is slightly angled, therefore its more of a trapezoid than a rectangle. The code has has X, Y, H (height), W (width) values naturally, and I have adjusted H & W for proper sizing, but can't figure out what X & Y are or do, or how I can adjust or create slight angles to make my slideshow fit perfectly on monitor screen. Would you please advise me if and how I can do so?

Thanks so much in advance!
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How exactly does one change Celsius to Fahrenheit in the code? I'm from the U.S. and really get confused on Celsius.
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There are no temperatures in this skin...
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Wow! Just Wow! Great job man!! I'm still new to Rainmeter, figuring out how things are done, and looking for solutions...and when i looked at your work i saw a lot of things i was looking for, it's really helpfull..And I like especially CPU lights, great detail, Christmas time :) hehe, tnx and keep up the good work!
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Thanks! glad you like it.
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Well nice to see you replied :D ...hope you can help me with this: i'm looking for a 'original' .png file or whatever windows 7 uses to make aero glass. I want to make identical skins like windows produces. I read about blur=1, and BlurRegion.., and that's ok but i don't know what's the 'original' template or picture which windows blurs for making it's aero effect. I experimented making my own Backgrounds, but...something's missing.....well, to shorten - i just want Rainmeter Aero. Period :D i didn't find specific answer on internet, so i hope you can put some light on this, from your experience, or maby this is already solved somewhere, i just din't found it googling...tnx
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is there a way to display 8 disks (vs 4) ? 

where do you get the paging space from? 
Windows shows 1GB on c: which is 
what I defined, you show 5GB? 

don't know how to put a link here
but I do have screen shots explaining it.

is there a way to not show unused 
functions (media player , gmail etc)?
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this is really superb!!
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Is there a way to use Yahoo Mail instead of Gmail?

Also is it possible to completely remove the background so only the text is visible?
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Actually, I set it up to use Gmail, but it just says 'N/A' still. I do have unread messages, though.
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You're very welcome! ;)
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Wow! Have been using your weather skin (version 1) for over a year (and loving it) and when it stopped working recently I went looking for an way to fix it. And what do you know, I find version 2 of the weather widget, and vClouds system is here! Very very well done. I'm picky about the stuff I use on my desktop but this looks sooooo good. Thank you!

Between the weather and system widgets, I'm going to scrap my old theme. Now I just need to find a way to put up a newsfeed or two! (You aren't planning on making a matching newsfeed widget are you?)
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