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Drunken nights...
"Oh. My. God." Michelle claps her hand over her eyes. "How the hell did she...?" Her index fingers moves up from her middle finger, creating a space in which her eyes could be seen. "Oh, wait. I think I know." She grumbles. "Dirty bastard." She walks over to the bed and sits down next to Teal, poking Elara in the shoulder.
Teal nods once more in Michelle's general direction, quickly throwing out a firm sounding 'Exactly.'. He looks back at the girl laying in his lap, gulping audibly as he watches her giggle-infested, drunkedness-induced actions.
"Dirty Bastard?" she repeats in a childish, questioning tone. She lifts her head to look a Michelle, an unamused look on her face. "Hey, my daddy stopped outside the gate and thought I looked....." she hiccups, "--Looked down, so he gave me thiss BBEEEEEEEGGG-" she measures out the height of a clearly exaggerated bottle with her hands, "-bottle of this, this carmely lookin' stuff!" She grins merrily, reaching her arms out over Michelle's legs.
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A matter of life or death...
Wanre lets out a rumbling growl as he stalks in from the demarcation point, ears swivling around to catch any sound other than the roachsters on patrol.
Jordan perks up a little bit from her half dozing state as the large beast drags into the area. Her hand trembles a bit as she hesitates to grab an arrow but resists and continues to sit still, crouching behind a small rock off in the distance.
Wanre pauses under a tree where he makes another sweep of the lands. Spotting nothing, he snorts loudly, and seems to snarl something at himself as he turns and heads down for the demarcation point once more.
Jordan stands up slowly amd cautiously as she finally grabs the bow from behind her back and starts towards the demaracation point, taking a defensive pose as she does so, trying to avoid confrontation by both the roachsters and Wanre.
Jordan sneaks in cautiously and presses herself up against the wall, trying to effectively hide herself against the darkness of the path. She stops dead
:iconvchat20:Vchat20 0 6
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  • Listening to: Sugarland
  • Reading: Contact by Carl Sagan
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
So it has been ages since I've updated my journal here. Mostly because of hating hearing myself rehash the same thing over and over and not having much new art related to talk about (and I ESPECIALLY hate being like everyone else who tends to post their life stories on here. On Deviantart of all places! ><). But lets see if I can recap what has happened lately and I promise the large majority will be art related (or at least something more interesting than my boring life! lol)!

First thing is I have been attempting to get back into writing again. I have had this story idea stuck in the back of my head involving the manga +Anima and one of my own (well designed) OC's that I am redesigning for that world. For now it is largely just drabbles when I get a short bit in my head I'll jot it down. Still no idea where the ultimate direction is with it. Probably been one of the first stories/fanfics in a long while that I've really had a strong urge to do and hasn't been one to come one day and be gone the next. So hopefully get some nice progress out of that!

On the +Anima related note, SgtSugar and I have been slowly working on a +Anima related mush. Not much details to go on right now except we have taken a learning experience from past attempts and taking every precaution to make sure this one goes right and not die off within a few weeks of opening. Notably that is waiting until pretty much everything is 100% done and ready before opening up. No halfbaked features that never get finished or anything like that. We are actively looking for staffers to help out especially those with good people skills. So if anyone is interested, that'd be great. :)

Recently I have come across a source for pretty much every single episode of Code Lyoko in crystal clear DVD quality all the way up to the final episodes. And in English. Was really shocked to find it. Though it is going to be real costly. Once I get a regular incoming my aim is to get all the episodes and update my existing CL torrent out on the interwebs and make it 100% dvd quality and clear out all the tv captures. A side effect is the torrent size would also reduce as the individual episodes reduce in filesize (while increasing the quality over the tv captures). Definitely looking forward to this!

Con-related news: At this point I am planning to make it to Fanime in San Jose for the second year in a row. Although this all depends on how soon I can find a job to cover cost of a round trip flight (basically from Ohio to California and back. Looking at around $500-$600). Which I am completely freaking out about the closer and closer it gets to the major deadline. Although I have an allowance coming in that should cover half of it by then, it's not going to take care of it all. This economy hasn't helped me get a job. Was hoping to have something back around December. :| Soooo....crossing fingers I can do this. Especially this year with the group I'd be going with. :) I had WAY too much fun last year and this year feels like it's going to be better!

I did get one major surprised back in February which has been seriously beneficial to me staying connected and also helping with writing immensely. That is receiving one of Google's Cr-48 notebooks in the pilot program for their upcoming ChromeOS. Nice capable netbook that is very lightweight, has great battery life (8+ hours!), and does pretty much everything I need it to do outside of gaming and some big applications like Photoshop. Everything is based online (in fact I have been doing a lot of my writing and document stuff in Google Docs for a while which this thing was pretty much built for) and with the addition of a built in 3G modem and 2 years of free service with Verizon at 100MB a month I am practically connected everywhere.Very nice little device. If Google decides to retail this specific model, I'd highly recommend it!

And here's one major blast from the past to tie up the end of this journal: Quite a while ago in a past life I had attempted to start up a project tied into one a friend was working on. Specifically my friend was working on one of the earlier Pokemon Online projects and I was planning on doing a full pokemon-based internet radio station with an in-game presence. Sadly with a stark lack of resources it flopped very quickly. These days though I am very much capable and with the advent of a recent server purchase and a placeholder domain of a particular choice, the thought has come to mind to bring this project back from the dead. Still debating on it at the moment. If it ends up happening it is mostly going to be continuous pokemon themed music with special treats thrown in like pre-recorded news segments, possible rebroadcasts of some pokemon related podcasts. Stuff like that. Though it is still being debated. Comes down to whether it is completely feasible or not.


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