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February 21, 2017
Homeland by VBagi
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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A bit older one..Started as a part of personal project with :iconlaslolf:
She should represent one of main characters of my faction.

Also, I am pretty new at instagram as well, so you can find me at:…
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PixiePowderPuff's avatar

This is beautiful between the character and the sky!

Y-Wolfart's avatar

This is absolutely exquisite work. She looks really amazing in this style of suit. Soo very sleek, effective and cool all at once, yet still being able to maintain a level of femininity that really works.

JuliaAlouts's avatar
great linght and shapes!
vya's avatar
This is stunning! The backgound and the colours are just so beautiful, and honestly? I love it when people draw women in "normal" and practical armor.
Progress-Report's avatar
still love this one
Deuce777's avatar
This would make PERFECT Guardian (from Destiny) armor; obviously Titan-class armour, with the Titan Mark AND Saint-14 streamers... just... DAMN this would be perfect for a "Traveler's Chosen" set!
LazyRayFinkle's avatar
Very cool work. 
RovingReverie's avatar
great backdrop to an interesting armor, neat!
SuperSaiyan3Scooby's avatar
do you have your own universe?
Enayol's avatar
Wow amazing ♥
Zanheer's avatar
I feel like I've already left this comment, but GREAT posture. So expressive and we can't even see a face. Nicely nicely done.
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Sexy Mech suit girl Scanning in progress... - Metroid 
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Hello... it's me.
I was wondering if you'd like to see...
My gallery lol😂
Hi guys don't know where deviant art puts my page cuz no one can see it ... LOL
So I wanted to see if anyone is interested 🙂😆
atram95's avatar
Is Incredible!!
KillaSid25's avatar
The helmet reminds me of one of the heavy wear helmets from xenoblade x
UserAnonymus's avatar
Jesus Christ, man. I can't look away from it. This is definetely the armour I would LOVE to see on my character in some game. Unquestionably brilliant! Reminds me of Destiny armor designs.
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Dope character
KenLit's avatar
interesting with the light settings. It´s intriguing, and a pleasure for the  eye! :)
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I LOVE that she is noticeably female without including face, long hair, breasts or butt. Just her posture, the tilt of her pelvis and back, the triangular shapes and design give away the femininity. And she looks so strong. Fucking awesome dude. Wish more people would employ subtlety like that.
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