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Hi everyone, welcome to my commission page! Feel free to contact me with any requests or questions at any time!
If I ever raise the prices or discontinue any of the below options, I will be giving out full notification and the option to reserve something so you don't miss out. 

Also! Please note that I will refuse to draw anything that makes me uncomfortable, and I will increase prices to industry standards if asked to do professional/commercial work! And for transparency, I sometimes accept commissions not listed below. With that said, I look forward to doing business with you! Thank you all! ♥ ^0^)//


WILL DRAW: Basically anything. WON'T DRAW: R18/NSFW Content, tattoos, irl people (unless given a drawn reference), or logos/graphic designs.

Thank you for your interest! I'll send a note when it's your turn, and you'll have 3 days to reply before I move onto the next person and move you to the end of the waitlist. The note will be a copy-pasted message that'll be modified when necessary. If you'd like me to contact you on Toyhouse or Twitter instead, just let me know. I will assume you've lost interest and remove you from the list if: you ignore my notes twice, deactivate your account, move accounts without notifying me, or are inactive/out of contact on DeviantArt for six months. Depending on my schedule, I'll be accepting a very limited number of commissions at a time. If you'd like to be removed from the waitlist, please let me know asap. Thank you!

Due to the pandemic and the financial insecurity it causes, I'll allow people to sign-up for a post-covid waitlist. I'll wait three months after Covid is no longer a threat in Canada and the US before contacting people again. If you'd like to be added or removed from this postponed waitlist, just let me know and I will oblige!

My goal is to balance personal and commission work better, so from now on I'll avoid taking on new commission when I get super busy. Which means I'll be taking December, January, and July off. I'm hoping this will help me be productive and avoid burnout, so hopefully it works! Thank you for understanding!

Since I can no longer withdraw points to paypal without a core membership, I will be discontinuing the payment option.
They'll be offered at a rate of 80 :points: = $1.00 CAD in the future if I have core again.

One slot per person. But you can claim as many commissions as you'd like!
  1.  Cresom (Paid)

► One character only.
► Fullbody: Chibi or Normal Style
► No Backgrounds (Transparent Only)
► Drawn on a minimum 1000x1000px Canvas
*Shaded commissions easily exceed 4mb in size, so if you need a resized version, just let me know!
  Commission Example: Standard Idle Animation by VazlaKatCommission Example: Shaded Idle Animation by VazlaKat
 Varied ($20.00+)
► No background changes.
► Bases can be applied to similar species/characters.
Click here to view prices and the full YCH Base Gallery!
[Commission] YCH Animation for Arolitic by VazlaKat $20.00 - Kamishiba YCH - Jan 2017 by VazlaKat

► Auctions and Designs are hosted on my adoptables account: Kaylidae
Click here to view the full price list.
[CUSTOM] Night and Day by Kaylidae

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VazlaKat's avatar

Sorry, I don't take points and I can't work with any deadlines right now because the waitlist is too long. So I can't take your commission, sorry to disappoint. >_<

CoastingAround's avatar

I'd love to be put on the waitlist!!

VazlaKat's avatar

aa Awesome! I'll add ya now! cx

Ferwildir's avatar

Hi there! I really love your Pokeddex pieces and was wondering if you'd offer that style as a commission? If so then I'd love to be added onto your waitlist! ;w; Thanks! ♥

VazlaKat's avatar

aa Thanks for the interest, but I don't think I could use that style for my commissions, sorry! ;v;

Mekomiya's avatar

Are you still open for comms? If not is there a waitlist I can be put on for when you're ready to open?

VazlaKat's avatar

Yup! I do have a waitlist, I'll put you on it right away! >u<


VazlaKat's avatar

Just so I'm not repeating myself, I'll just reply to your note. >v<)/

Eggcocoa's avatar

I really like these but I put most of my money into points. I think I can give core, but if I do then I wont have enough to buy it.

VazlaKat's avatar

No worries! I'm thinking of buying core again in the future once I have a proper income. If you'd like, I can let you know when I'm accepting points again. c:

Eggcocoa's avatar

I’d like that very much.

VazlaKat's avatar

Alright, I'll make sure to do that for ya then! ^u^

VazlaKat's avatar

The long hiatus is now over, everyone! Commissions are back in business! ^0^

Cresom's avatar

could i snag that last slot : O

VazlaKat's avatar

Yes you may! The previous person didn't claim it, so it's yours now! >v<)/

You can note me or comment here with what you'd like to order, whichever you prefer!

Cresom's avatar

rad!! i’ll be sending a note shortly!

VazlaKat's avatar

Aight, sounds good! ^0^

berrykittens's avatar

hey id be interested in a commission but i have to ask beforehand aha, would this character be too complex? https://toyhou.se/4618748.kaida#15599605 :0

VazlaKat's avatar

Nah, it's fine! It might be a lil difficult to nail the gradients, but it's definitely not too complex. If you're cool with that, I can add ya to the waitlist! ^o^

berrykittens's avatar

oooo fantastic!! yes i would like that thank u so much :D

VazlaKat's avatar

Awesome! And no problem, I've added ya! >v<)/

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