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I am here, I say after being gone for what? One year? A few years? I lost count :blush:
This time I mean it that I'm gonna try to change it for the better. :happybounce: 

So what has happened over the years?

Uhm ... I guess I'm no longer in a relationship and haven't been for a very long time now. But there's someone I like a lot even so. :La: in Love with :Dummy: 
I've visited places and started hiking in the woods, good for the health you know, that's what you start to worry about when you get old. :excited: 
Got a job, not a permanent one so far ... But one can pray I will get that soonish... Dancing :la: 
I own two cars, which I suppose no one here knows since the last time I wrote in my journal was 2013. :heartemote: 
I have been writing a lot, which is pretty much my main way to create these days, I am a writer after all. :writer: 
Then I also took my interest for history to the next level this year and started visiting medieval markets, but I pretty much haven't been to a convention for two years now.
I have bought a sword, yes, an actual sword for fightingLink La  And during the last medieval market I bought a longbow, so I'm gonna start with archery. :archer: 

I'm gonna move to my own place in September. Omg it's less than a month left! Packing for Meh Holiday 

A tad unsure, I took the step to make one of my personal species into an adoptable species on CS during my vacation; scary as hell is the least I can say.
But fun nonetheless. :squee:

Oh and of course, among the most important things. Ten days ago I celebrated ten years with one of my stories!! 10th BirthdAy Bounce :happydance: :TheClap:  It's insane, I was a kid, had a vision ...

Started writing ... And kept writing ... Got so caught ... And now I have known those people I met in that forest for ten long years, almost half my life.
It's so insane, having characters I've known for half my life and I have no idea who I would be if I hadn't met them back then and if I hadn't kept growing with them. :heart:

Right now I have vacation for another few days. Or well, it was supposed to be this week out ...

But I got hit by a car on my way home from a day of hiking and photographing last Monday (yup, I'm back to photographing too!  ) ...
So it's not much of a vacation right now to be fair, since I spend every waking and sleeping hour of the day in pain. Headache New 
And nah, it wasn't my fault the accident happened. I'm not the one who uses the phone while driving, young people are.
I'm too old for liking phones *chough*  ... Yes ... Okai ... I have phones ... But that doesn't mean I like them. :blush:
Nor do I use them while driving. I've been strictly against that ever since I got my driving licence. :la:

So yah, I'm not allowed to work for another week after this one, thanks to some kid who was more interested in who texted him than the cars around himself. :happybounce:
But I've kinda decided to try anyway, I'm gonna go and talk to my boss tomorrow about it to see what he thinks. :happybounce: Because I'm tired of being home now and wanna work. :happybounce: 

And no, don't worry, I didn't break anything. :shuffelin: Just some damage to my muscles and a state of shock (which I didn't get any help to deal with, so I still can't sleep at night):nuu:

But yas I hope y'all are good!

:excited: :happybounce:

vaz is out
I am EMOte:waves: V4 

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