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I've had my image ready CS for just as many years that I've had my photoshop CS. However, I haven't even bothered with trying to understand it before. Today I gave it my first real try and I actually came around to save a picture in it.
It's my first time to even try to sprite something before... So it may look quite bad. I must say, for me it was as good as impossible to sprite with my tablet, so I did it with my computer mouse instead (lol, it's like I've become more attached to it than my tablet now). Anyway, I guess that everyone needs a lot of practice with everything and now I just hope that it didn't turn out all too bad.

Here it is;


Other than that, I hope that you all are doing fine. I for one feel like I'm quite alive for once. I've a lot of things to do at the moment, so there's no time to spare for rest. And I really like to have a lot to do for once, it's my choice this time and not the school.
Next up on my list for today is to finish eating my soup and then go out to practice driving that stupid car of ours. After that I'll try to fix my tablet and clean up some here in my room. And after that, what should I do, I wonder... Maybe I'll draw a little, I've a request to make as soon as possible, and at the same time I've something else to make and those two other drawings to finish.

~See you around and be well!

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You did a fantastic job with it, in my opinion! Glad to see an update from you! :D
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Thanks a lot! :hug:
Hehe, I guess that I'm quite "dead" here from time to time... ^^'
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Sometimes, yes. xD But I understand. I often have to disappear for days without word due to work or life events.
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Yepp, no one knows when something unexpected happens. And when you even mention the word "work" I feel quite bad, I've to find one asap due to that I only have a few months left in school. Blah, that won't be fun, since it's so hard to get a job right now... :C
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Awe yeahh, there is not a good job market right now. :(
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No kidding, I heard today that it's even harder now than what it was before to find a job here in Sweden... That makes me even more depressed about everything that has to do with jobs.
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